Question of the Day..

We got some much-needed “rain” on Friday, ..followed by an (absolutely beautiful) weekend that allowed me to do some much-needed maintenance around my property.       

 I have a wife and children.

 If we’re real quiet, one will know where it here.

Question: Would Barack Obama “die” for your freedom?

 That’s a good question?

If you want to keep your job, ..keep your mouth shut. 

Hello, ..yes this is the President.

 Screw with me, and I’ll sue you.

 I think you should ask someone, ..who actually gives a damn.

If they can’t afford a loaf of bread…

 ..let them eat cake. 

Come on, ..the disenfranchised love me.

Please, I told you, ..I don’t want to talk about the economy.


I’m busy. 

Hope you enjoyed the trip, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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