The Haves, vs. ..the have Nots!

According to Webster: have, To be in possession of…

According to Webster: have-not, One enjoying little or no material wealth.

 With unemployment currently reported at 8.2%, by the (tally) of the Obama administration, ..a (falsehood) “in my opinion,” as I believe the true numbers (at a minimum) be twice that number.


This gentleman is an American citizen reporting himself to be homeless due to signing a low-interest adjustable rate mortgage loan guaranteed by the U.S. government.


This gentleman and his lovely wife are not homeless, they live in a lovely 132 room Colonial style home in Washington D.C., ..courtesy of the U.S.taxpayer. All of the U.S.taxpayers, ..not just the (idealistic liberal Democrats.)

 Barack and Michelle Obama’s home  – The White House

Courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers.


This is a soup kitchen supported by private donations serving the less fortunate.


 This is the White House kitchen, (supported by the U.S. taxpayers) ..displaying some fancy fare to the (very) privileged and (very) fortunate.


This is a gentleman having dinner at a privately supported soup kitchen.


A group of ( privileged) individuals having dinner with the Obamas at the White House courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers.

No job – no home – no hope.

This is the image of a young woman that I gleaned from a web-based site titled; “Homeless in America.”

This is Sasha and Malia, ..the lovely children of Barack and Michelle Obama, ..they are currently doing quite well.

This is a U.S. citizen, ..a mother with two young children currently living on the street, ..they are not doing quite well.


This is the Goldman Sachs building in New York City, ..the U.S. taxpayers rescued Goldman Sachs from bankruptcy via Barack Obama stimulus legislation.

This is the General Motors Corporation headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, ..the U.S. taxpayer rescued General Motors Corporation from bankruptcy via Barack Obama stimulus legislation. 

This is an unemployed U.S. citizen reduced to soliciting coins on the street.

Question: How many of you believe that Barack Obama is interested in rescuing this man?

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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