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According to Mitt Romney and the majority of the talking heads, and/or (buffoons) the (diminutive) “Conservative Media,” Barack Obama is (out of touch) with America.

Question: Is Barack Obama “out of touch” with America?



Barack Obama is (not out of touch) ..with America, Barack Obama is an (agenda driven) ..socialist, ..(prosecuting) his agenda.

Barack Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, ..he’s following his (Marxist Socialist Agenda) “passed down” by idolized mentors such as, “Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.” Individuals, (dedicated progressive liberal academics) ..bent on destroying America by overwhelming the system.


In criminology, the strain theory states that social structures within society may pressure citizens to commit crime. Following on the work of Émile Durkheim, Strain Theories have been advanced by Robert King Merton (1938), Albert K. Cohen (1955), Richard Cloward and Lloyd Ohlin (1960), Robert Agnew (1992), and Steven Messner and Richard Rosenfeld (1994). Strain may be either:

Structural: this refers to the processes at the societal level which filter down and affect how the individual perceives his or her needs, i.e. if particular social structures are inherently inadequate or there is inadequate regulation, this may change the individual’s perceptions as to means and opportunities; or…

Individual: this refers to the frictions and pains experienced by an individual as he or she looks for ways to satisfy his or her needs, i.e. if the goals of a society become significant to an individual, actually achieving them may become more important than the means adopted.

The very definition of the word strain can be used to help understand strain theory. According to Webster’s dictionary; “strain” (in the form of a verb) means to be subjected to tension or stress; cause a (change of form or size) in (a body) by application of external force.

In the form of a noun, “strain” known as a (great or excessive) effort or striving after some goal, object, or effect.

 Robert K. Merton – Sociologist.

Thus, it is rational to grasp how strain theory insinuates that social structures within society may ultimately pressure citizens to commit crime. Like many sociological theories of crime, Robert Merton’s strain/anomie theory has advanced following the work of Emile Durkheim. In Merton’s theory anomie is very similar to the very meaning of the word strain, as he proposed anomie to be a situation in which societies inadvertently bring to bear pressure, or strain, on individuals that can lead to rule-breaking behavior.

This pressure, or “strain” ..if you will, caused by the discrepancy between culturally defined goals and the institutionalized means available to achieve these goals.

To illustrate this Merton argues that the (dominant cultural goal) in the U.S is the (acquisition of wealth,) as a message was depicted that happiness often equated with material success which is often associated with wealth.

The socially accepted institutionalized manner of achieving these material goals was believed to be (hard work) and (education,) ..meaning it is widely believed that people who apply themselves to study and work will succeed financially and that those who do not succeed are labeled as either lazy or defective.

According to Merton, the problem with this type of society is that the legitimate means for achieving material success are not uniformly distributed. In other words, those from wealthier backgrounds have considerably more access to legitimate means than do those who are economically disadvantaged.

As a consequence, anomie, or strain, is generated and produces certain ‘modes of adaptation’, or (simply put) coping strategies, ..that the (disadvantaged) use to deal with the pressures that are brought to bear on them.

Merton identifies (five modes) of adaptation: ..conformity, ..innovation, ..retreatism, ..ritualism, ..and rebellion.

(Sidebar) …

According to Webster: in“no·va”tor, To begin or introduce something new.


According to Merton, the (innovator) is the most likely to engage in criminal behavior, as the (innovator) accepts the socially recognized (goals of society,) ..but rejects the “legitimate” means to achieve these goals.

(Sidebar) My point confirmed; sociologist and the ilk that subcribe to their ilk have but one goal, eviscerate or confuse common sense.


Consequently, the (innovator) uses proceeds from crimes such as fraud, theft, and illegal drug dealing to access culturally defined goals. (Source Wikipedia)

Barack Obama, is the case with (many progressive liberals,) ..Obama imagines himself to be an innovator.

According to Webster: i·mag·i·na·tion,  The formation of a mental image of something that is neither perceived as real nor present to the senses.

Behind closed doors, ..and behind his “childlike” charismatic grin, ..Barack Obama despises America,’s Constitution and its freedoms.


Barack Obama despises capitalism, (everyone) who believes that (he or she) is “above the working class.”


Barack Obama is dangerous. 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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