D.U.C.S., and/or (don’t use common sense) People..

As Webster’s role in our lives is to define real words, and I began this morning’s offering with an (acronym,) Webster is on the shelf for the moment…


According to Webster: ac·ro·nym, A word formed from the initial letters of a name,…

..such as this morning’s title, D.U.C.S., and/or, ..the “don’t use common sense” people…

The (Don’t Use Common Sense) people, (D.U.C.S) ..as opposed to DUCKS (Mallards and such) ..that Quack, ..feed in lakes and ponds, ..and fly south in winter.


Mallard Duck

The Mallard, or Wild Duck (Anas platyrhynchos), is a dabbling duck which breeds throughout the temperate and subtropical Americas, Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and has been introduced to New Zealand and Australia. (Source Wikipedia)

The Mallard, ..albeit not considered on any intellectual scale that I am aware of. The Mallard understands life and it’s part in the overall scheme of things. In spring, ..it hatches from an egg, ..follows its mother to acquire what it needs to know to be a responsible adult, ..and then goes about following the rules, (Nature’s Rules, and/or, Nature’s Constitution) ..until it ends up on someone’s dinner table as “Duck al la Orange, and/or ..(carrion) ..for a family of foxes or weasels.

According to Webster: car·ri·on, Dead and decaying flesh.

  The “Don’t use common sense” and/or (D.U.C.S.) People. 

A.K.A. “Mushroom People,” ..and /or, ..those simple (wrong headed) souls that voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

Question: Why is it that when faced with foreign aggression, this Nation, “America,” ..comes together with a solidarity and a bond unequaled anywhere on the planet, ..yet when faced with (an enemy) from within, (motivated by political ideology or religious beliefs, we digress into tribes of ants committed to the annihilation of those in our species that don’t think the way we do?

During his historical twenty-two month marathon campaign in 2007 and 2008, Barack Obama’s rhetoric was dominated by his assurance that he was the man to bring America (together,) ..he would (unify) the parties, ..he would (level) the playing field, ..and he would (redistribute) America’s wealth.


(As if it belonged to him)

Three and a half years later and a “Mountain” ..of “legislation” that (nobody wants) ..and America (can’t afford,) ..Barack Obama is (urging, ..and/or begging) ..the American people to reelect him by “dividing”America into as many (increments) as “he and his wrongheaded advisors” can come up with.

According to Webster: in·cre·ment, (in context) A positive or negative change in the value of a variable.

No President in the two hundred and thirty-six year history of this Nation has ever publicly offended the leader, ..the “Prime Minister of Israel” to the depths that Barack Obama has offended Benjamin Netanyahu.

No President in the two hundred and thirty-six year history of this Nation, “America” ..has ever (egregiously) challenged the “Constitutional Guarantee” of the (First Amendment) over (religious doctrine,) ..except Barack Obama.

According to Webster: e·gre“gious·ly, Conspicuously bad or offensive.

And I could go on and on and on, however, ..since I’m not a (news outlet,” ..but a simple conservative voice with a lawn to mow and a cat to feed, I will leave you today with this to ponder…

Since we, “We the people,” ..are the (foundation) and the (benefactors) of the U.S. Government, ..the next time you go to the polls to elect someone, “anyone,” ..City, ..County, ..State, ..or Federal, ..you might want to hire, ..and/or, ..vote for, ..an individual, (man or woman,) ..who is smarter than the chair he or she is setting in.

Or you might even want to consider someone who does not spend as much time in a chair as our current leader?




 Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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