According to Webster: slave, (in context) One who is abjectly (subservient) to a (specified) person or (influence.)

Albeit I can’t speak for you, in “my humble opinion,” Webster is right on the mark for my purpose.

In Barack Obama’s own words, (in his book,) “Dreams of my Father,” ..he, ..Barack Obama, ..makes it abundantly clear that he, ..Barack Obama, ..idolized his father.


Barack Hussein Obama Senior

Albeit, “public and common knowledge,” I reiterate, Barack Obama’s father was a bigamist, who deserted his wife and son to provide for his own ambition. Barack Obama’s father is documented as an abusive individual and a drunk.

According to Webster: sub·ser·vi·ent, Useful as a means or an instrument; serving to promote an end.

Again, in “my humble opinion,” Webster is right on the mark, albeit in this instance, Webster’s definition cuts both ways.

Barack Obama, “in the real world,” (is and has been used) by the powers that be? The elite, ..arrogant, ..and wealthy (left) thinking ilk that occupy (time and space) ..within the U.S.A.

To name a few…

George Soros, ..Warren Buffett,  ..Bill Ayres, ..Richard Cloward, .,Frances Fox Piven, ..Derrick Bell, ..Carl Popper, ..Van Jones, ..Karl Marks, ..and of course, the liberal ilk in Hollywood…


Those “Grand” (behind closed doors) folks that produce epics depicting mayhem and slaughter with everything from a paperclip to intercontinental ballistic missiles with their right hands, ..the (ones) they take our money with. While their left-hands funnel portions of their profits to the dismantling of the Constitution and America’s guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

According to Webster: spec·i·fied, Explicit or in detail.

In his 22 month marathon campaign (2007 -2008) for the office he now holds, Barack Obama was explicit and detailed about his intentions. So how many of you either didn’t hear; “I’m going to fundamentally “Change the way America does business?” ..or worse, ..”How many of you didn’t understand what he said?”

Brothers in Mind

Barack Obama by his words and by his actions is a socialist, it’s that simple. He is not a Christian.

Once again, let’s see what Webster has to say…

According to Webster: Chris·tian,  (in context) One who lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Not that I am a Christian of any standing, ..albeit I do understand that Jesus proclaimed that lying, greed and hypocrisy are sins.


According to Webster: in·flu·ence, The power affecting a person, thing, or course of events, ..especially one that operates without any direct or apparent effort.

Not once during my childhood, ..or during my adult life did either of my parents (instruct or inform) me that there was something that I could not do or that there was something that was not accessible to me because of the color of my skin.

Nor have I ever met or associated, briefly, or otherwise, with an individual of (African Heritage) ..who did not relate to me at some point, ..during our (brief, ..and/or long) ..relationship that there were opportunities and situations (unavailable) to them because of the color of their skin.

In my opinion, both “considered and humble,” ..if a man or a woman (is instructed from birth) ..that they are (deficient or inferior) ..because of (the color of their skin,) ..that man, ..or that woman, indeed a slave, ..not to another, ..but rather to themselves.

Barack Obama may very well be content as a (slave) to his past and his ideology? ..that’s his (Cross to bear.)

As an adult (Common Sense Conservative) ..I see no future for “America” ..or for myself, helping him carry it.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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