The Mushroom People..

As a matter of policy, when “applicable,” I try to respond to those of you who make inquiries.

Thus, to those of you who responded to my 26 May offering, entitled; “Magnanimous,” which I introduced a graphic of a group of “Mushroom People” highlight (my opinion) of individuals who voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

To be honest, (in the moment,) ..the graphic was simply to provide a visual to grab attention. Albeit from the response I received, could make a good case that those of you who responded were more beguiled by the irresponsibility of the “Mushroom People,” ..than you were with the “feckless” behavior of “our” government.

Either way, your questions were good questions and since I appreciate response from my readers, I will do my best to respond.

After a considerable amount of pondering, ..I have decided that “Mushroom People,” ..are mostly, ..albeit not all, “academics” ..who have (lost touch) ..with their “God-given Common Sense” ..and (surrendered) to the “ideologies and opinions” ..of those (dedicated) the (ideologies and opinions) ..of preceding idealistic “Mushroom people.”

At one point in history, ..prior to man domesticating himself, we, i.e., human beings i.e., Homo sapiens were as “subject” to every aspect of nature “as” every other species of animal on this planet from aardvarks to zebras.



We, ..mankind, ..use to have the capacity to lick our own wounds. Then “we,” ..mankind, ..discovered medicine, i.e., (plants, tree barks, roots, minerals and herbs) to suffer the process for us. Accordingly, as anyone, (at least anyone with common sense) ..will convey to you; “If you don’t use it, lose it.”

Thus, “modern man,” ..has evolved to (require,) “Shaman, medicine men, doctors, nurses and physicians assistances (to maintain,) ..”not only our health,” ..but our sanity as well.

Until here we are? Modern man, (Homo sapiens) the 21st-century, ..without the (capacity,) ..or the (will) follow in the footsteps of our forefathers, ..even if it means starving to death to (maintain our manufactured value) ..that “we,” we Americans, ..have at some point, ..become to (fragile) ..or to (important,) harvest our own food.

Thus, “we,” (the collective we) ..have collectively closed our eyes to “our” Constitution and America’s immigration laws to keep from getting our collective hands soiled.

As simple as I can put it; “Obama” is a (product) of liberal academia, ..his mother was a (product) of liberal academia, as was his (estranged) father, ..whom he revered.

Barack Obama (is) a “poor choice” ..not only for the liberal (academic) ilk of America to carry their banner for change…


..he is and was a poor choice for every (brain-faded) man and woman that fell into lockstep with the (brain-faded) progressive liberal left, ..and/or (the mushroom people), (historically) ..the (brain-faded)progressive liberal left, ..and/or the (mushroom people) have always come up short.

( I’m a college graduate )

According to my “pearlsofprofundity,” unabashed dictionary: mush·room people; (in context) Any of a variety of individual i.e., (Homo sapiens) .. (who are kept in the dark and happy with progressive liberal doctrine, ..and/or, ..BULLSHIT.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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