Political indifference..

According to Webster: in·dif·fer·ent, (in context) Not mattering one way or the other.

Last time the message was hope and change,…


This time, Barack Obama is pulling out the stops, ..no holds barred in hope that things don’t change, ..at least for him, ..his family, ..and his cohorts.

..and why not? In 236 years, only 44 man have arisen from the ranks of the citizenry to occupy the White House. Which at least “in my opinion,” ..for any man or woman would be the pinnacle of any lifetime. To be selected and granted the trust and the honor of leading the “Greatest Nation” on the planet Earth.

Barack Obama is not a stupid man, he understands exactly what he’s doing. In his own words, Barack Obama explicated that his rise to the office of President of the United States could occur (in no other country) in the world.

Question: So why is a man who understands that America is the only country on the planet Earth where a man fathered out of wedlock by an irresponsible foreign exchange student could rise to be the leader of his Nation, ..endeavor to repeal and diminish the freedoms that allowed him his rise?


According to Webster: in·san·i·ty, (fitting) 1. Unsoundness of mind sufficient in the judgment of a civil court to render a person (unfit to maintain a contractual) or other (legal relationship) 2. Extreme foolishness; folly.

According to Webster: fol·ly, A lack of good sense, understanding, or foresight.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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