Memorial Day..

According to Webster: me·mo·ri·al, Something intended to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or an event.

Although it could simply be a “personal opinion,” I believe that (I am as well adjusted as the next guy.) Albeit with that said, while rummaging through the countless choices of images and clipart available to me this morning, although not devastated by some of the offerings, I did find (some) that I personally found offensive.


Call me an old stick in the mud if you like, ..albeit I personally find no correlation between the word “Happy” and “Memorial Day.”

According to Webster: cor·re·la·tion, (in context) A causal complementary, parallel, or reciprocal relationship.


Being a Vietnam veteran, ..I suppose, be fair to those that didn’t serve, share the fact that my take on Memorial Day is colored by the (still bright) faces and memories of the men (most young) that I served with. Men (dedicated men) who now rely on their names scratched into an Ominous Black Marble Wall to receive recognition once a year for what they sacrificed for this Nation.

 The men that I served with, ..good men, now long at rest, ..gave this country, ..this Nation, ..America, ..everything they had.

I have been providing my (two cents,) i.e., “my opinions,” for more than a year now. Whether or not “my opinions” are shared, ..and/or appreciated by the masses, of little or no importance compared to reality. 

What reality would that be? ask.

The reality is that with every passing Memorial Day under this current administration, (and the last) the Constitution of the United States is becoming more depleted by agendas like the “Patriot Act” …


..and the “suspension of habeas corpus” ..under George “Duba” Bush…


..which has now been overshadowed by Barack Obama with his; “Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act,”…


 ..his outrageous war against sovereign States that endeavor to enforce America’s immigration laws, …


..and his latest war, ..his war against freedom of religion…


Not forgetting the fact that Barack Obama sign the “National Defense Authorization Act,” (NDAA) in December, 2011.

(For the Mushroom People) President Obama signed the “National Defense Authorization Act.” (NDAA) today, (allowing indefinite detention) to be codified into law.

As you know, the White House had threatened to veto an earlier version of the (NDAA) ..but reversed course shortly before Congress voted on the final bill. While President Obama issued a (signing statement) saying he had “serious reservations”…

 Pine Ridge Indian Reservation -South Dakota

(Sidebar) Also for the “Mushroom People,” ..a (serious reservation) where America (detains and maintains) ..a (great number) ..of America’s (native population.)


..about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his (The Obama) administration would use ( it ) ..and how ( it ) ..would (NOT AFFECT) the law (is interpreted) by (subsequent administrations.)

(Sidebar) When a President blatantly disrespects the Constitution and contradicts himself, it enough to say; “I take no responsibility for tomorrow or the next day?  


The statute is particularly dangerous because it has (no temporal or geographic limitations,) ..and can be used by this and future presidents to militarily detain individuals captured far from any battlefield.

Under the Bush administration, (similar claims) ..of (worldwide detention authority) ..were used to hold even a (U.S. citizen) ..detained on U.S. soil in military custody, and many in Congress now assert that the (NDAA) ..should be (used in the same way again.)

While the ACLU believes that any military detention of American citizens or others within the United States is unconstitutional and illegal, (because it is) ..including under the NDAA. In addition, the breadth of the NDAA’s detention authority violates international law because it is not limited to people captured in the context of an actual armed conflict as (required by the laws of war.)

Question: How many of you believe that last paragraph is enough to justify changing Barack Obama is middle initial from “H,” “Duba?”


America is not a board game where individuals at their leisure can change the rules, i.e., the Laws, suit their own agendas.


We are extremely disappointed that President Obama signed this bill even though his administration is already claiming overly-broad detention authority in court. Any hope that the Obama administration would roll back those claims dimmed today. Thankfully we have three branches of government, and the final word on the scope of detention authority belongs to the Supreme Court, which has yet to rule on the scope of detention authority. But Congress and the president also have a role to play in cleaning up the mess they have created because no American citizen or anyone else should live in fear of this or any future president misusing the NDAA’s detention authority.

Again, not that my “humble opinion” carries any weight, but since it’s Memorial Day, ..a day when hopefully Americans are thinking about America, ..where it’s been, ..and where it’s going? I have decided to provide those of you who read my blather with my opinion once more…


By all that is American; “This man does not deserve to participate in the recognition of America’s fallen warriors.”

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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