Who Cares..

According to Webster: care, (in context) A burdened state of mind, as that arising from heavy responsibilities; worry.


When you venture into a McDonald’s or a Burger King, ..you will notice, ..albeit without noticing, ..a group of men, women and children munching on burgers and fries.

Of course being that I rarely venture into a McDonald’s or a Burger King, because I’m not particularly a fan of fast food. Which is not to say that I am not a fan of food, as that would be, (as they say in the Mainstream News Media,) ..other than the truth.

Other than the truth… What does that mean? Is that like when a politician explicates that he or she will perform or provide a particular task or service for you if you vote for them?

With four “Major Cable News Networks” and three “Network News Organizations” with hundreds of “Affiliates” providing (their commentary) twenty-four, seven, ..who, ..as “Slim Pickens” ..so eloquently delivered in the 1974 Mel Brooks film “Blazing Saddles;” (in this Great Big Wide World of Sports,) ..actually has the slightest clue as to what that truth is anymore?

As an example, let’s examine something currently in the news. Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican candidate to challenge Barack Obama in November for the Oval Office is currently being “vetted,” (a silly diplomatic term for being attacked) by the news media for “assaulting,” (which of course within the margins that the News Media operates, ..could mean “anything” from an unkind word to six bullets in the back of your head,) ..are reporting that Mitt Romney, (in High School) ..assaulted a fellow student because of his sexual orientation.

Mitt Romney, born March 12, 1947, ..makes Mitt Romney five years, two months and sixteen days my junior, ..therefore, ..doing the Math, ..it makes Mitt Romney at a minimum five years behind me in high school.

Not implying that I went to the same high school as Mitt Romney…

Although Romney attended public school until the seventh grade, ..beyond the seventh grade he attended a “traditional private” boys preparatory school in Broomfield, Hills, ( Michigan) ..where it is reported that he was the “lone” Mormon.

(Talk about understanding “being” in the minority)

Barack Obama (according to his recollection?) ..may have been one of only a few black students attending Columbia University, ..albeit at last count, ..being (one of the few) ..is more than being (one of one). If I were keeping score? ..this round would go to Romney.

Back on track…

As I have mentioned before, due to my physical size when I was a child, combined with the fact that my mother had just given birth to my younger sister, I was enrolled in school a full year prior to when I should have began. Which of course although it was little known that I was a year younger than everyone else in my class, (age given to be a factor in life,) I was the minority, ..not just in the first grade, ..but all the way through school.

Accordingly, ..I too, ..have an understanding of being (one of one).

I also have a positive grasp on bullies, not that I was bullied in school. When I was in the first grade, you had to walk into a fourth-grade classroom to find someone taller. Thus, with human nature being what it is, I simply didn’t get picked on at school.

Whatever harassment or bullying that I experienced in my adolescence was provided at home by one or both of my older brothers, ..who spent the Lions share of each of their days, ..competing with each other over everything, so when an occasion arose where the space that I occupied intersected with the space that they occupied, suffice it to say, ..it was not the stuff of fairy tales.

Therefore, I developed a disdain for bullies quite young, a disdain that I continue to harbor to this day. Accordingly, although I have no memory of being beset-upon by a bully during my years in school, I could provide volumes relating to championing underdogs.

I have no personal knowledge of either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, ..albeit at this point, I have researched both men extensively and if what has been written about them contains at least a half truth, (in my opinion,) ..neither man is now, ..or has ever been, ..a physically aggressive individual.

Point of interest, ..possibly? Both men look uncomfortable and ridiculous in a pair of jeans, and “in my humble opinion,”  (neither man) ..could or would be comfortable holding a rifle or a shotgun.

So, ..did Mitt Romney (haze, persecute or harass) a fellow student in high school?

To reference the title of today’s offering; “Who Cares?”

Twenty-seven million people in America are out of work, gasoline is four dollars a gallon and the family of four dining at a Burger King or Mac Donald’s will leave the Lions share of the $50 bill behind when they walk out the door. Does anyone actually care what Mitt Romney did in high school.

For better or for worse, America, ..via the electoral process is currently married to Barack Obama. So what America needs to decide, ..is Barack Obama (a good husband) ..to anyone other than Michelle?

“We” have it all…

..and promises don’t count!

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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