Momma’s Boys… a.k.a. more Stupidity!

According to Webster: stu·pid·i·ty, The quality or condition of being stupid. 2. A stupid act, remark, or idea.

As a subscriber to news, I recently received this offering…

Presidential Historian: Moms May Be Secret Behind Success

Saturday, 12 May 2012 06:40 PM

By Doug Wead.


“All I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother, God bless her.”
– Abraham Lincoln

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to confirm that most of America’s presidents are “mama’s boys.”

It must make Sigmund Freud smile, for one of his most enduring discoveries was how the perceived favorite child of a mother is empowered for life. Consider the overwhelming evidence that mothers play a key role. Many recent presidents were literally named after their mothers but none of their many siblings.

Ronald Wilson Reagan named after his mother Nelle Wilson.
Richard Milhous Nixon named after his mother Hannah Milhous.
Lyndon Baines Johnson named after his mother Rebecca Baines.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy named after his mother Rose Fitzgerald.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt named after his mother Sarah Delano.
Woodrow Wilson named after his mother Janet Woodrow.

(Sidebar) For those of you who may need the instructions scribed legibly on the sole of your boot in order to remove the irritating pebble from within? The fact that women, and/or mothers, ..if you will? Insert their (maiden names) into one or more of their children’s given names, ..has more to do with personal recognition, women “customarily” and “traditionally” ..take their husband’s name upon marriage. Which of course leaves them, i.e., (women and mothers) without a heritage. Accordingly, at least in my opinion, with a women, (in the real world) possessing every bit as much ego as (we) ..their male counterparts. It’s pretty much a no-brainer when you include “Common Sense.”


  Sigmund Freud  

Freud, as with every member of the human race, was an ego driven ideologue. Freud had his opinion, but then we all have our opinions.


And on and on it goes back into history. Rutherford Birchard Hayes named after his mother Sophia Birchard. Of course it is not a perfect formula or Marvin Pierce Bush would have been elected president, not his older brother, George W. Bush, but it is common enough to defy any odds.

(Sidebar) To the contrary, “in my opinion,” it is (Doug Wead) who is defying tradition and common sense in order to promote an agenda.


 Doug Wead

“You are a Delano,” FDR’s mother, Sarah Delano, used to tell him, “not a Roosevelt.”

“I was a mama’s boy,” said Woodrow Wilson, “no question about it, but the best of womanhood came to me through those apron strings.”

“God bless my mother,” Abraham Lincoln supposedly said to his law partner, William Herndon,” all I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother.”

Keep in mind, the above famous quote, attributed to Lincoln’s law partner, may never have really been uttered. Yes, it is featured prominently in almost every biography of Lincoln and appears in the first pages of Pulitzer Prize Award winning books.

But recent research shows that the time and place named by Herndon just couldn’t have happened and so, now even the quote is suspect. But there is no denying that Lincoln loved his mother and perhaps, even more, his stepmother, who gave him the gift of books.

(Sidebar) Not to disparage Abraham Lincoln, as I personally believe that Lincoln is one of America’s greatest heritages. Albeit with that said; Abraham Lincoln was a man, as to his simplicity or complexity, I’ll let you decide. There are many stories written about Abraham Lincoln, both (anecdotal and historical) Abraham Lincoln once walked a mile to return a penny to a patron. He signed the “Emancipation Proclamation” into law and ended slavery. Albeit Abraham Lincoln also sent men into war, “justified” by his desire to save the Nation.

Having served in the Vietnam War I feel personally qualified to state that although I understand Lincoln’s position, having personally participated in a war and concluded (my personal opinion) that although war (is a game changer,) decides nothing. Especially when the reason for prosecuting a war is financial profit.

Continuing with Wead’s drivel…

When I wrote “The Raising of a President” I blind copied some of the above information to five psychologists, asking them to each give me their opinion. I was especially intrigued about why so many of the children who were namesakes of their mother went on to become presidents.

All five answered back with the same conclusion. When the mother took that infant to her breast she felt a special bond with the child who would bare her name for life and the infant could feel it.

(Sidebar) Anyone who believes that the previous paragraph has any validity whatsoever, should immediately close my website and seek help, ..preferably from a priest.

Continuing with Wead’s drivel…

I am only a layman who doesn’t pretend to understand such things but if it is true, if a baby can “feel” favoritism, then just imagine the power and the impact for good or bad a mother’s — or a father’s — words have on their children? I was reminded of the experiments conducted by the Royal Horticultural Society. If the human voice can empower a plant, then it must surely cause powerful reactions for good or bad on a human being.

(Sidebar) Maybe Doug Wead should write to plants? ..albeit if the previous paragraph holds even the slightest truth, ..we could have an explanation for Barack Obama. As according to Barack Obama’s own words, in his formative years he was shuffled back and forth between his mother and his grandparents to the result of monumental confusion and lack of identity.

Continuing with Wead’s drivel…

There is a very predictable family formula for strong leaders, good and bad. They have an attachment to the mother and an absent father. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedung all fit the pattern as neatly as Washington and Jefferson.

Andrew Jackson’s father died before the future president was even born. His mother died when he was 14 years old. Even when alive, she was often gone . As a nurse she tended the wounded during the Revolutionary War.

When Andrew Jackson died as an old man, many years later, his body was full of bullets, including one lodged near his heart and too dangerous to remove. They were the result of a life of action, including duels and wars. It was as if he wanted to be worthy, the equal of those Revolutionary War soldiers who took his mother away from him as a boy.

In a sense, Andrew Jackson’s life was one long journey back into the arms of his mother.

Of course, my (personal opinion,) the foregoing article by Doug Wead is total tripe.

According to Webster: tripe, Something of no value; rubbish.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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