Substitutes and Alternatives..

According to Webster: sub·sti·tute, One that takes the place of another; a replacement.


Not that teachers are the only things that we classify as substitutes. Not by any stretch of reality or imagination, as a substitute can pretty much be anything or anyone.

Let’s say you order a Hot Turkey sandwich at your favorite diner and the menu provides mashed potatoes and you want french fries. French fries, in general, ..are an easy substitute.

According to Webster: al·ter·na·tive, The choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities.


As for (alternative) ..the first thing that comes to my mind these days, with the chatter and controversy over whether or not America will transition from fossil fuels to electric in the near, ..or even distant future?

The word from Washington, i.e., the “Obama Administration,” is enthusiastic and positive. Albeit, ..the word on the street, if you actually speak to an individual who has purchased one of Detroit’s “Socket Rockets,” you walk away less enthusiastic and positive.

(Sidebar) More revealing personal information about me…

Not that anyone asked? But whether or not America and the whole World transition from fossil fuel to electric, it will matter not to me, my current and future financial circumstances will no longer allow me to participate in the New, ..or even near new automobile market.

Although I am nearing the age of fossil status, I appreciate technology. Albeit with that said; I would much prefer to see the human race focus, (if indeed the human race aspires to survive through the 21st century and beyond,) ..the human race needs to move beyond conflict. The human race needs to move beyond rivalry and race prejudiced. The human race needs to get its (head out of his armpit) and take a “focused” look at reality.

According to Webster: re·al·i·ty,  (in context) That which exists objectively and in fact.


In 1973 Walter Seltzer produced a film entitled; “Soylent Green” starring Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson.

The film, (although one of my favorites,) received unkind and mixed reviews from the establishment. Most noted for being Edward G Robinson’s last effort, he passed away twelve days after the films completion. For the trivia buffs, ..Soylent Green was Edward G. Robinson’s one hundred and first film which he performed without informing anyone that he had cancer until just prior to playing his death scene, when he informed Charlton Heston. Which in Robinson’s mind was to provide Heston with incentive to play the scene well.

Returning now to the 21st-century, ..which of course is the timeline offered in the movies. I present my readers with my Question of the day; …

When Barack Obama stands at his podium and announces that he wants America to go “GREEN”, ..does he mean:


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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