More about Me..

According to Webster: me, The (objective) case of I.

1. Used as the (direct) object of a (verb): He assisted me.

2. Used as the (indirect) object of a verb: They offered me a ride.

3. Used as the object of a preposition: This letter is addressed to me.

4. Informal. Used as a predicate nominative: It’s me.

According to Webster: ob·jec·tive (in context) Having actual existence or reality.

According to Webster: di·rect, To have or take charge of.

According to Webster: verb, The part of speech that expresses existence, action, or occurrence.

According to Webster: in·di·rect, Not proceeding straight to the point or object.

According to Webster: prep·o·si·tion, A word placed before a substantive and indicating the relation of that substantive to a verb, an adjective, or another substantive.

According to Webster: pred·i·cate, To state or affirm as an attribute or a quality of something.

According to Webster: nom·i·na·tive, Having or bearing a person’s name.

According to my Pearlsofprofundity Dictionary: GREEK, All of the above.

Now then, ..for those of you that are still here, ..I have a relevant Question: Have you ever subjected your (gray matter) and anything more boring?

Which of course brings to question my “objective” for today’s offering?

Over the course of the last 3 to 4 months,, .. and ( I ) have been recognized as a fixture in cyberspace. Consequently, with this recognition (please note that I pull up short of using the “preposition” Celebrity,) I am not a celebrity…



According to Webster: ce·leb·ri·ty, A famous person. Merriam Webster’s definition or anyone else’s. I am quite ordinary and common, ..verging on obscure…


According to Webster: ob·scure (in context) Not readily noticed or seen.

Albeit, not so obscure that I don’t receive enough response each week to keep my ego above the waterline.

Not to mention that along with the (Right-on, ..keep up the good work responses) ..and the (You don’t know what the hell yer talking about folks). I receive 20 to 30 solicitations from individuals and businesses wanting to sell me, and/or, my company their product to increase my “circulation” and my “prophets.”

Which of course, a hoot, ..because I’m not a company or a business. I’m just one old man, ..a (Septuagenarian) which is not contagious unless you live beyond your 60s.

I get notices from WordPress two or three times a month offering their opinion that I could increase the volume of my readers by telling them more about myself?

Why the question mark? Because in truth, I actually have no idea whether or not the individuals who read what I write would like to know more about me?

From time to time, I have provided (anecdotal) stories about myself and I have more than once offered historical factual information about myself, I happen to like me, ..and I’ve enjoyed the hell out of my life.

However, unfortunately, and/or fortunately depending on your point of view? I have never once received a comment when I’ve written about myself.

Therefore, I leave it to you…


..does anyone want to know why I’m wearing a skunk skin cap?

Post Script: A quote by Jules Renard; “Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous, if you earn no money.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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