According to Webster: ed·u·ca·tion, An instructive or enlightening experience:


According to my “Pearlsofprofundity” (unabashed) ..and (unpublished) Dictionary: ed·u·ca·tion, Is learning something today, ..that you didn’t know yesterday, ..that will benefit you tomorrow.

Like the meaning of the word; …


According to Webster: cor·rupt, To subvert honesty or integrity; perverted, immoral.


Image of Corruption (in context)


The Seat of Corruption (in context)


When I was a young man, ..Americans, ..all Americans, competed with other Americans for a job. Everyone that wanted a job, ..had a job.

Today, 50 years later, ..Americans compete with everyone in the world for a job, ..and “Four Million” Americans that want and need a job, ..don’t have a job.


When I was a young man, America was self-sufficient. We grew and raised all of our own food and “we” manufactured our own goods, (from automobiles to zippers.) America was the Richest and Greatest Power on the Earth.

Today, 50 years later, ..almost (nothing is manufactured in America,)  (America is in debt) beyond the imagination of even the greatest minds. (America is dependent) on Nations beyond our border, ..many without “Regard or Compassion” for humanity, ..running water, indoor plumbing, ..or respect for our flag.

50 years ago, ..a child in America learned about George Washington admitting to his father that he chopped down the cherry tree, (to invite and instill honesty) ..the Revolutionary War, (to provide the history of America’s beginning). A child learned about our Constitution, (to provide a foundation for becoming a law abiding citizen). The Liberty Bell, ..and our founding fathers. (to inspire pride). A child also learned about “Abraham Lincoln” (Honest Abe) ..who walked three miles to return a penny to a patron that he’d overcharged. There was patriotism in “our” Nation and in “our” Institutions of learning.

Today, our schools are as “corrupt” and as “disingenuous” as our Government, ..inviting “Socialist,” ..”Communist,” ..”Marxists,” ..and “Fascists” to (teach) America’s children that shortcutting and scamming the system are honorable pursuits.

Wanna be a SUCCESS in 21st-century America? Pave your path with lies and deceit… “Do unto others, ..before they do unto you.” (It’s not Golden) ..but then who gives a damn? As long as you don’t get caught.

Even then, ..depending on who (you) are? this “changed” new, (albeit)  ..corrupt “World of the 21st Century,” i.e., (the Obama Administration) ..getting caught, (RED HANDED) has little or no consequences.

Everyone, … or more correctly, … ”everyone” that I know, (because we’re old enough to remember) when a dollar was worth it’s face value, ..not sixty-eight cents…

One Dollar in 1941 (the year I was born) had the same buying power as $16.01 now.

One Dollar $1.00 in 1956 (the year I got my drivers license) had the same buying power as $8.42 now.

One Dollar in 1964 (the year I got drafted) had the same buying power as $7.30 now.

 One Dollar in 1991 (the year that I retired) had the same buying power as $1.69 now. (Source,

..and “our” Government just keeps spending them (dollars) without taking a breath, ..which is probably why “they” haven’t had time to pass a budget yet. ..but then, ..again, ..what the hell,’s only been three years.

Bringing to light (the fact) that I’m sure glad that “they” aren’t responsible of mowing my lawn.


We remember when gasoline was seventeen to twenty-one cents a gallon and you could enjoy a Coke for a nickel.

We remember when Americans learn to read, ..write, ..and understand how to make change without a touchpad.

Back in the day when the Flag and God were both welcome in American classrooms. When you stood first thing in the morning and faced the flag, placed your hand over your heart and recited the Pledge of Allegiance, ..the one that included God.

A week or so ago I wrote a Blog entitled “Help-Wanted.” In which I hastily lined out a few requirements for our leader, i.e., President, Commander-in-Chief, (POTUS.)

Jumping into the fast lane to design the qualifications that, at least in my opinion, would make a good leader for the United States, ..was a bad idea. Accordingly, I think I’ll take another crack at it…

First, as it was established by our founding fathers that a man should be at least 35 years of age, I’ll stick with that. Of course since our founding fathers included no provision for a woman to become the leader our Nation, i.e., (POTUS), which I don’t agree with, I happen to be quite fond of women, well as respect their abilities, I’m gonna deal with that.

Should a man or a woman be a “University” graduate to be the President of the United States?

Personally, I think not. Especially after witnessing the results of the “University (programed) Participants” a.k.a. (politicians) that we’re presently suffering.

Should a man or a woman be “Wealthy” to qualify to be the President of the United States?

Again, ..I think not. In “my opinion,: ..a man or woman’s “bank balance” doesn’t in any way  testify to their intellect. i.e., ( or their God-given common sense).

Historically, the Lion’s share of (important) discoveries that have (benefited) mankind have come from the imaginations and minds of ordinary folks with simple God-given common sense.

Albeit I will grant that the (production) of invention has come from the wealthy, ..elite, ..and greedy, ..which again (in my humble opinion,) ..doesn’t make the (wealthy, elite, and greedy) smart, just makes “them” (wealthy, ..elite, ..and greedy.)

Anyway, ..if someone were to ask me, (which no one has,) what I would jot down as a requirement for a man or a woman to be the President of the United States? My list would be short, ..albeit, would include necessities; …

Number 1), Born in America.

Number 2), Believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.

Number 3), Understand the value of labor.

Number 3), Subsection A; (concerning a male candidate)

A man should know how to lace a pair of work boots, ..make change for a dollar, ..understand that the sun (sets in the west) ..and that Rivers run downhill.

A man should also know how to drive a tractor, ..stack bales of hay, ..and own a shotgun and a deer rifle.

Number 3), Subsection B; (concerning a female candidate)

A woman should know how to lace a pair of work boots, ..make change for a dollar, ..understand that the sun (sets in the west) ..and that Rivers run downhill.

A woman should also know how to make a Shepherds Pie and bake a loaf of bread. She should also own a shotgun and a deer rifle.

Number 4), The candidate, (man or woman) must love America and respect its Constitution.

Number 5), One negative word about your opponent during your campaign, ..and you will be (deported) to a country where ..pride, ..honesty,  ..and loyalty are not considerations.

Now, before any of you began pecking at your keyboards to criticize my brevity, I understand that God provided 10 rules to live by, ..which is good, ..but I’m not God, ..and leading America is not being responsible for the universe.

I’m just a simple American citizen that believes in the Constitution and in the words than Abraham Lincoln spoke the morning of November 19, 1863 at Gettysburg; “Of the people, the people, ..for the people…

..and I understand that I’m not alone, fact, ..I understand that I am (also) not in the minority. Which of course, ..if my third-grade arithmetic is still valid? ..that makes me, (yours truly) ..a member of the (majority).

Which brings to Question; “If I am among the “majority,” ..and America is truly ruled by the (Majority)? ..why is America currently “ruled” by the minority?”

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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