Coin of the Realm..

Question: How much (Coin of the Realm) do you own?


Coin of the Realm

According to Webster: coin, A small piece of metal, usually flat and circular, authorized by a government for use as money.

A better Question: How much (Coin of the Realm) do you owe?

Although most human beings don’t ordinarily share their financial status without a subpoena, in order to facilitate my purpose here, I’m going to share my financial status with you today.

Once a month, ..on the third of the month, ..the U.S. Treasury Department (auto-deposits) the maximum amount allowable for a “rank and file” (hourly) wage earner into my checking account. (Routing number withheld on purpose). Not that I don’t trust my readers,’s because the Government has people everywhere. (Yeah, I know I’m paranoid, ..but am I paranoid enough)?


I own a mortgage on a conservative two-story salt box on a corner lot in a quiet community in the upper Midwest that accounts for one fifth of my monthly income. I own two automobiles, (both paid for) manufactured in this century, and one manufactured in the last, (it’s for sale). I own an ATV, (built in the last century) I also own two riding lawnmowers, (one manufactured in this century) ..and one manufactured in the last, (it’s for sale). My furniture and appliances were all manufactured in this century, ..albeit not recently. I possess several credit cards, ..thus I understand debt.

What I don’t understand is, ..why the gasoline I put in my car costs as much as the food I put on my table?

When I was a kid, gasoline was south of twenty cents and the soda machine would provide me with a Coke for a nickel.

(Yeah, ..I’m that old… 

That was a good time in America, ..or at least that’s what’s “touted” by the generations that weren’t there. Not that I wouldn’t trade now for then, .. It took me a week to earn two nickels. Which allowed me a ticket to the Saturday matinee and a chunk of milk chocolate the size of my father’s fist.

Now all one can do with two nickels is rubbed them together and make a wish. (A sad commentary on progress) ..and an even sadder commentary on value.

According to Webster: prog·ress, (in context) Steady improvement, advancement.

According to Webster: val·ue, (in context) An amount, as of goods, services, or money, considered to be a (fair and suitable) equivalent for something else.

Question: Right to the point, many of you reading this believe that you, (as the owners of the U.S. Government) ..have received value for the tax dollars you have provided?

Below is a visual of a $100 bill, ..which with (scrutiny,) ..will feed a family of four for three days, … or it will fill your SUV or Pickup with gasoline and (possibly) ..leave you enough for a couple of burgers at MacDonald’s?


Below is a visual of the down payment on your SUV or Pickup Truck.


Below is a visual of One Million Dollars, …an amount that many of us aspire to win via the Lottery…


One Million Dollars


One Hundred Million Dollars


One Billion Dollars 


One Trillion Dollars

If you spent One Million a Day since Jesus Christ was born, would not have spent One Trillion Dollars by now, … you would have spent ~ Seven Hundred Billion – the same amount the U.S. Tax Payers gave U.S. Banks during bailout.


When the U.S government speaks about a 1.7 trillion deficit – this is the volumes of cash the U.S. Government borrowed in 2010 to run itself.


Fifteen Trillion Dollars

The, i.e., (our) National debt surpassed the Fifteen Trillion Dollar Mark two months prior to Christmas 2011.


One Hundred, Fourteen (point) Five Trillion Dollars

($114,500,000,000,000) the amount of (unfunded liabilities) that the men and women in Washington D.C. that work for us, (you and me,) ..have obligated us, “We the People,” ..and our children, ..and grandchildren, ..and great-grandchildren to pay at some time in the future.

Please note the pillar of $100 bills that dwarfs the WTC & Empire State Building – both at one point, ..the  world’s tallest buildings. If you look carefully you can see the Statue of Liberty.

The image representing the 114.5 Trillion Dollar Skyscraper is the amount of money that the U.S. Government has obligated the U.S. taxpayer fund the Medicare, Medicare Prescription Drug Program, Social Security, Military and civil servant pensions. It is money that the U.S. taxpayer does not have, ..and will (never) have as long as we, (the U.S. taxpayers) continue to elect and employ individuals that believe the U.S. Government is their oyster.

 Stupidity Personified


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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