Slavery Revival in America..

Barack Obama, as with many other men and women of color who still tout the atrocity of slavery in (circa 1860 America,) with his, (forced down our throats legislation) …

The “Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act.”

Will not only revive slavery in America for people of color, it will expand slavery in America to include every man woman and child of every color in America.


Question: Is Barack Obama the architect of modern American slavery?

It is now being reported via our self aggrandized buffoons in what we laughingly, (albeit, ..sadly) ..refer to as “our” News Media, ..that Barack Obama’s signature legislation, “Obama Care,” i.e., the (patient protection and affordability care act,) was composed in such a manner as to (financially benefit) Corporate America, ..if they, ..i.e., “Corporate America,” discontinues providing health care for their employees.

Which of course, leaves millions of Americans with no other option, other than to be absorbed into “Obamacare,”  Barack Obama’s “Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act.”

According to Webster: ab·sorbed, (in context) To take over, assimilate; monopolize.

Now, ..are you starting to get the picture?


Or, Barack Obama simply the current “Pawn” being manipulated to facilitate the ambitions of those intent on creating a “One World Government?”

The pawn is the most numerous and (in most circumstances) the weakest piece in the game of chess. (Source Wikipedia)

Over the past weeks and months, I have journeyed through cyberspace into pits of obscurity seeking the truth to share with every American who still holds this nation in reverence.

As I have shared on many occasions, I am not a University educated individual, (I am a high school dropout) ..albeit I understand the English language well enough to know right from wrong.

According to Webster: right, 1. Conformable to justice, law, or morality:  2. In accordance with fact, reason, or truth; correct: 3. Fitting, proper, or appropriate.

According to Webster: wrong, 1. Not in conformity with fact or truth; incorrect or erroneous. 2. Contrary to conscience, morality, or law; immoral or wicked; Unfair; unjust. 3. Not fitting or suitable; inappropriate or improper.



If the business community in America, who by the very definition of business, (to profit) ..accepts Barack Obama’s (deal) to pay a “small fine” increase their profits, ..the America I grew up in, ..the America designed by our founding fathers to provide opportunity for anyone willing to work, ..will cease and desist forever.

At first, ..the (University Educated) idiots that have been complicit in destroying America’s Constitution will be exalted by themselves for their accomplishment.

Phase 2; America will be absorbed; (assimilated) into the (OWO) One World Order. (David Rockefeller and the like.) This order, and/or organization will be comprised of the wealthiest elitists, “Bankers and Financial Giants” that the Earth has to offer.

Because my station, that of a “mushroom,” ..I cannot pretend to know who will be welcome at the (OWO) table, ..albeit I can guarantee you that there will not be a place at that table for Barack Obama.

  David Rockefeller, i.e., Elite. 


Barack Hussein Obama, i.e., Not Elite


America is “ours” to save, ..all it will take is your vote on Nov. 6, send Barack Obama back to Chicago. Which will momentarily break the chain, ..albeit to save America from the likes of David Rockefeller and his cohorts dedicated to a one world order, will take your commitment and equal dedication to stop David Rockefeller from succeeding. To save America for Americans, and every other American on this planet must clean house.

We must stand together, (of one mind,) ..that no member of our federal government is unsoiled by ambition, ..they must all go. To be replaced, by someone from among, “We the People,” someone that understands that gasoline should not be four dollars a gallon and a can of beans should not be a dollar and a half.

  Together we can Break the Chain 

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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