Battle Cry of the Republic..

Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more..


..or more correctly, “Once more into the breach..,” is from the ‘Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’ speech of Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act III, 1598.

..but then, ..who in this day and age of Barack Obama gives a damn about who said what, ..or when

Ooops! ..I stand corrected, .. Barack Obama gives a damn. Albeit, ..that only applies, ..if you say something about him.


Because, ..if you are a “member in good standing” of an organized (minority) hate group,’re allowed to stand on any street in America, or in front of a community polling place and reference (white) American citizens as honkys and crackers with impunity.

According to Webster: im·pu·ni·ty, (in context) Exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm.

Of course, ..if you happen to be a member of an organization whose ideology isn’t based on “Race and Hate,” such as the “United States Marine Corps,”’d better damn well watch your mouth.

Because the Constitution,, ..and rights that you put your life on the line for in defense of the Constitution, ..and rights that apply to everyone in America, ..don’t apply to you.


 I took down another one, cool is that?


Marine Corps Sgt. Gary Stein 


A sergeant will be discharged for criticizing President Barack Obama on Facebook in a case that called into question the Pentagon’s policies about social media and its “limits” on the speech of active duty military personnel, the Marine Corps said Wednesday.

(Sidebar) ..are you ( BLANKIN’) kidding me? The Pentagon now, ..under Barack Obama, authorized to “make law” that  “nullifies” the Constitution?

I can understand Barack Obama “NOT” understanding “our” (right to free speech) ..he’s a graduate of Harvard Law, ..but the Pentagon? I mean come on, ..I served in the military, I put my butt on the line for this country in 1965, ..I have a Purple Heart, ..and a couple a “Commendations” for my service.  Am I to understand that the Pentagon is now “omnipotent?”

According to Webster: om·nip·o·tent, Having unlimited or universal power, authority; all-powerful; (God).

(Sidebar) If the Pentagon is now recognized as God, ..doesn’t that fly in the face of our “atheist” brethren?

Shared Ideology

I wasn’t at all fond of Lyndon B. Johnson, because I wasn’t at all fond of being “carnival target,” ..or at being awakened in the middle of the night by artillery, …  and if memory serves, I believe that I wasn’t the only one eating my breakfast from an olive drab can who complained about it.

The only reason that LBJ wasn’t disparaged and damned on Facebook when I was in Vietnam, ..was because Facebook didn’t exist.

Barack Obama was four years old when I served in Vietnam, but he’s not four years old anymore, ..accordingly, “in my considered opinion,” the “fellow” should stop behaving like a four-year-old.

As to referring to Barack Obama as a “fellow,”  ..the term (fellow) is the most masculine term I can come up with for someone with such thin skin.

As a veteran and a patriotic American, I reserve the term (man) for individuals like Marine Sgt. Gary Stein who volunteered to serve this nation, ..not for celebrity, ..power, ..or personal gain, ..but simply because he’s an American.

If indeed, as reported, the comment that Marine Sgt. Gary Stein posted on Facebook was; “Screw Obama, and I will not follow all orders from him.”

By my recollection of the “Uniform Code of Military Justice” Marine Sgt. Gary Stein was not and is not out of order.

As the code specifically references on more than one occasion that no individual in the military is subject to follow an “unlawful” order.

As for the “Screw Obama” portion of Marine Sgt. Gary Stein’s comment, ..with “broad interpretation” and “adequate imagination,” might interpret that Marine Sgt. Gary Stein finds “our” Commander-in-Chief attractive and woke up one morning with an uncontrollable desire to make mad passionate love to him ?  After all, ..Barack is extremely handsome, ..dashing, ..and charismatic!

Which, ..if that is “indeed” the case, ..with the regulations governing homosexuality in the military presently having been set aside by Barack Obama himself, ..I would suggest that our fearless leader reconsider his decision to throws Marine Sgt. Gary Stein under the bus for fear of reprisals from the gay community.

Although I am not a fan of Mitt Romney, “not because” Mitt Romney got a deferment from military service during Vietnam, ..but rather because, ..I simply don’t believe that Matt Romney was or is the best candidate to serve as President of the United States.

(Sidebar) With that said; If Mitt Romney is the choice that I have to send Barack Obama back to Chicago, ..or any other GPS coordinates on the planet , ..then Mitt has my vote!

With that said, Mitt Romney could “curry favor” with me and a hell of a lot other veterans, ..if he were to project his voice in support of reversing one more of Barack Obama’s stupid accomplishments, ..that being the “expulsion” of Marine Sgt. Gary Stein.

Think about it Mitt, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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