The 97 %..

Question: Who, ..and/or what “is,” ..and/or “are” ..the ninety-seven percent?

Response: Reduced to its simplest form, 97% is a number. Albeit since few things if any in our current (agenda driven) society are allowed to rest in their simplest form, and being that the First Amendment of the Constitution “guarantees me freedom of speech and freedom of the press,” I have a license to say or write pretty much anything I want to, the same as those who get paid for the same endeavor as long as I stick to a few simple rules, example; (Not yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.)

(Sidebar) I would have to be an “elevated and/or celebrated” member of a minority faction to get away with that.

Notwithstanding, back to critiquing my title subject, ..the 97% which hereinafter I shall refer to the same both of “our” current candidates for President, ..and the current “Media,” competing for your attention daily.

Barack Obama speaks to the 97% as a group or “the” group that he “is” and/or “has been” endeavoring to provide with a level playing field. Which he does by publicly remarking as often as possible to the benefits he has provided and to the issues he has resolved.

So let’s examine that; from my front porch, (which of course, being honest, is the predominant platform from which I view the world) there has been “no change” in the view the world offers me, because there is “no brotherhood” and/or “unity” within the 97%.

Gasoline at/or above four dollars a gallon, headed for five.  A loaf of bread at/or above three dollars, ..a can of whatever? At/or above one dollar, ..and Beef, (for those of us hanging on by the skin of our teeth,) ..old folks, i.e., dependent on “Social Security,” ..unobtainable.

Using rough numbers, currently 70% of America’s population is Caucasian, and/or (white). 12% of America’s population is African-American, and/or (black). 15% of America’s present population is Hispanic, and/or Latino, (Brown). Wherein, ..if my sixth grade “arithmetic” is still acceptable? I have with my rough numbers, ..accounted for the 97%.

So of course, alluding to “common sense” in its most (basic form,) why do politicians in America invest the Lions share of their campaigning to curry favor with minorities, when in fact, “by the numbers,” minorities have no voice.

Which again, alluding to God given “common sense,” (and the numbers) with Caucasians, and/or (white) folks, making up the lion’s share of America’s population, I personally find it extremely interesting, ..if not unbelievable, ..that we, “We the People,” ..have a black man in the White House when it is the standard “declaration ” of the black man, ..that white folks are prejudiced and hate black people.

Accordingly, of today, ..I go on record as a Caucasian, and/or (white) person, ..I “do not” hate black people. Nor do I hate brown people, (not that it’s anyone’s business but my own,) of the few “true friends” I have on this planet, a brown person, American, ..of Mexican descent, (noteworthy) friend is not a Mexican American.

My friend, (if reality and the numbers would allow,) would be 110% American.


This is my friend standing against the threat of communism in the Republic of South Vietnam in 1965.

At the same time “Marxist/Communist” university professors where running full steam ahead to create the (idealistic) i.e., “knuckleheaded” progressive liberal men and women who are currently destroying America for “personal power” and financial gain.

My friend is a true American, ..wouldn’t it be nice if the men and women that we employee to serve this Nation, ..cared about this Nation as much as my friend does.

Also, ..wouldn’t it be nice, if my friend who turned 70 in May, lived in an America with an economy that would allow him to retire. My friend, 70 still gets up every morning and goes to work, “rain or shine.” Maybe one of our, (I’m the best man for the job) candidates for the Oval Office would like to make note of that in one of their upcoming rallies?

America is not Utopia, America is a melting pot, ..and melting pots are inherently unpolished, ..nevertheless, “at least in my opinion,” ..there is no other Nation on the planet that offers a man or a woman the opportunity for self-advancement that America offers.

Barack Obama did not get to the White House by setting at home waiting for a government check.

Barack Obama took full advantage of the “opportunities” afforded him by “our” government, ..and “our” (America’s) ..proclivity for sharing.

Opportunities that wouldn’t have been available without the ordinary, common “rank-and-file” and women, ..that went to work every day, “earn” a living that was taxed to provide the programs that educated, ..not only “our” current President, ..but his mother and father as well.

According to Webster: grat·i·tude, The state of being grateful; – thankful.

Question: What kind of “thank you” is (in reality) 15% unemployment and four dollar a gallon gasoline?

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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