G.S.A.. (Gratuitous Spending Avatars)

According to Webster: gra·tu·i·tous,  (in context) Unnecessary or unwarranted; unjustified.

According to Webster: av·a·tar, (in context) A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity.

(Sidebar) Too often since Barack Obama took the oath of office, America has been besieged by one scandal after another. With one of the current two, being the exposure of the outrageous spending by the (G.S.A.) “our” Government Services Administration.

Question: Are the “folks” that work for us in Washington D.C. having a contest?

GSA Las Vegas “scandal” prompts bills that will gut spending of federal agency conferences.

First comes the scandal. Then comes the legislation designed to stop it from happening again.

At least three bills introduced this week would dramatically slash federal agency funds for conferences and off-site meetings and make it easier for Congress, watchdogs and the general public to track federal spending…

(Sidebar) The real “First” of all, ..in both my “considered opinion” and in my “humble opinion,” I can find no reason or justification for anyone working for any agency in “our” government to use taxpayer dollars to travel to and off-site location to meet with anyone for any reason, and especially when the objective of the  “agency” is to meet with “itself” for frivolity.

The way I see it, the American taxpayer provides adequate, if not luxurious? ..office space for “our” employees in “D.C.”

I am also sure that we, “We the People” ..provide our employees in “D.C.” ..the benefit of paid vacation days.

So why are we, “We the People” ..the American taxpayers paying for “our” employees in “D.C.” to travel from their provided workspace in “D.C.” to meet with each other in tremendously expensive rented spaces in Las Vegas,… to do what we pay them to do in “D.C.,” which is to reduce government spending.

Question: Does anyone in D.C. understand the meaning of the term; “Conflict of Interest?”

Statement of Fact:

The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States government, established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. The GSA supplies products and communications for U.S. government offices, provides transportation and office space to federal employees, and develops government-wide cost-minimizing policies, and other management tasks. (Source Wikipedia)


The measures came as four congressional committees held hearings this week on a watchdog investigation that unearthed more than $820,000 in spending on a Las Vegas conference hosted by the General Services Administration for a few hundred employees. The GSA inspector general said he is investigating similar allegations of misspending and has referred elements of the Las Vegas conference case to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.

An amendment set for consideration as part of a massive bill reforming the U.S. Postal Service would require agencies to justify the cost and locations of any off-site meetings and to provide quarterly reports detailing the number of federal employees and other guests invited to the conference.

The Conference Accountability Amendment, introduced Thursday by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), would cap agency spending on a single conference at $500,000 unless the agency is a primary sponsor…

(Sidebar) Are you kidding me, ..Sen. Tom Corbett (R-Okla.) ..is introducing a bill to (cap) “conference” i.e., (party) spending at a “half million dollars” per conference, i.e., (party.) Wow! I hardly know what to say? Talk about a conservative!

According to Webster: con·ser·va·tive, (in context) One favoring traditional views and values; tending to conserve.

According to Webster: con·serve, (in context)  To use carefully or sparingly, avoiding waste.

I especially like the clarification, (unless the agency is the primary sponsor.) ..what the hell does that mean?

What is Ton Corbett thinking? Does he actually believe that the general public in America is so stupid as to not understand that the “agency’s money,” ..is the “people’s money,” ..you know, ..us, common “rank and file” get out of bed in the morning, ..navigate a 10-year-old vehicle filled with four dollar a gallon gasoline a predetermined number of miles to our place of employment, (if indeed we are still one of the fortunate who have a job?) ..punch a clock and put in eight hours to accrue the deductions mandated by knuckleheads who have the audacity to spend, i.e., (waste) a half million dollars of taxpayers money to hold a conference, i.e., (party) in the city of their choice.

Question: How many of you reading this believe we should vote Tom Corbett a merit raise?


“This transparency will allow taxpayers, the media and Congress to see who is traveling where and how often to ensure greater and more timely accountability,” Cobett’s office said in a statement.

(Sidebar) Sorry, the memory of my father working two jobs to feed his six children simply will not allow me not to continue commenting…

According to Webster: trans·par·ent, (in context) Easily seen through or detected; – free from guile.

According to Webster: guile, Treacherous cunning; skillful deceit.

As a patriotic American who dedicated 46 years of his life to providing deductions to fund the U.S. government I am beside myself with outrage at being notified by (Tom Cobett) one of “our” employees in D.C. that his solution to our governments outrageous and inappropriate spending of tax dollars, is to make my awareness of the outrageous and inappropriate spending of American tax dollars easier to access.

Idiocy, ..total idiocy, ..that particular mindset, ..at least in “my humble opinion,” ..is one of the primary reasons why America is presently standing with one foot in the grave.

I don’t want to know where and when the government is “misappropriating” taxpayer dollars, I simply want them to stop it.

Accordingly, I believe that Tom Corbett and the 534 other individuals that we, “we the people” employ to manage our affairs, ..our time and money would be much better spent introducing bills to eliminate, i.e., (make it illegal) ..to inappropriately spend taxpayer dollars on Partying, i.e.,  (Las Vegas conferences.)


Enforceable laws, ..you know the kind, ..the kind where someone is sent to spent some time in a six by ten “cell” where he or she can ponder his or her misdeeds…  not a “cell” that one uses to order a Pizza or make their next reservation at a Las Vegas resort.


The agency would have to post a quarterly conference report on its Web site, including an explanation of how the meetings helped advance the agency’s mission; the total cost of attendance and other costs; the primary sponsors of the conference; its location and why the site was chosen; the number of people invited and their job titles; who paid for people to attend; and all meeting minutes, presentations and recordings.

Question: Is anyone reading this getting as clear a picture as to what a politician believes the word “entitlement” means?

According to Webster: en·ti“tle·ment, 1. To give a name or title to. 2. To furnish with a right or claim to something: The coupon entitles the bearer to a 25 percent savings. Every citizen is entitled to equal protection under the law. (The last one I really like, ..how about you?)

Observation: Nowhere in Webster’s definition do I see it written that an individual public employee, or public agency is “justified” to party on taxpayer dollars.


Outside companies, nonprofits and other foundations would be permitted to provide financial support for agency conferences, but agencies would have to certify that there is no direct conflict of interest in receiving such funding.

(Sidebar) Correct me if I’m wrong, ..but isn’t  (bribery)  illegal?

According to Webster: bribe, Something, such as money or a favor, offered or given to a person in a position of trust to influence that person’s views or conduct.

Question:  How many folks, or organizations , are you acquainted with that provide money or favors without some expectation of return ?


Finally, no more than 50 employees from any agency would be permitted to travel to an international conference, according to Corbett’s proposal.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) introduced a proposal to cap agency conference spending at $200,000 each, unless the top agency boss approves a higher cost.

(Sidebar) Ya gotta love it when a politician suggests an absolute, ..followed by a loophole. (Kudos to Sen. McCaskill.)


McCaskill’s measure also would requires annual conference spending reports and would bar any agency employees under investigation by the inspector general from receiving a year-end bonus. That provision is in response to reports that GSA official Jeffrey E. Neely, who organized the Las Vegas conference, received a year-end performance bonus even though top agency officials knew he was under investigation.

(Sidebar) It just keeps getting better and better.


In the House, lawmakers are set to vote next week on the DATA Act, a proposal to establish an independent board that would track all federal spending on one Web site. It also would require agencies to report data in a standardized format.

The bill, cosponsored by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), has existed for years, but now is expected to “earn” more support because Issa and Warner have argued that it could help prevent GSA-like scandals in the future. (Source latimes.com)

(Sidebar) Once again, ..why are “our” representatives so concerned with the scandal aspect? ..if I was a representative, ..I believe I’d be more concerned with the money our Government is wasting than how many negative news releases someone’s brother-in-law is generating.

Question: Again, ..are “our employees in D.C. actually that stupid?

Editorial: Although the information conveyed by the Los Angeles times, “was” in “my opinion” well written, ..it, ..like the individual who provided the information to the Los Angeles Times, ..did not provide anything by any stretch of anyone’s imagination that could be construed as a solution to the “spend now pay later plan” that “our” government thrives on.

If America, at least “common sense” American, wants to resolve the inappropriate misspending of tax dollars, ..we, “We the People” ..have to break free of our proclivity to re-elect individuals without ethics. If we “we the people” that pay the “bills” ..want to pay less, ..we have to replace the whole “damn” bunch. Every last man woman and child,..

..and yes I know that last line will bring me a myriad of comments. So before you waste your time, ..let me suggest that you conjure up a mental image of Anthony wiener, ..Al Franken, ..and Nancy Pelosi.

Top to Bottom, ..lets replace them all !

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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