Obama’s Bad Luck..

 Woe is Me… 

According to Webster: luck, (in context) The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events.

According to a new “political ad” released over the weekend by the Obama administration, ..the “State of the Nation,” “rising food and fuel prices,” “unethical, illegal, and immoral gun sales by the ADF to Mexican drug cartels,” “Secret Service agents embarrassing us by soliciting prostitutes in Cartagena” and “our troops losing body parts” in Afghanistan and Iraq for piece and freedom are all circumstances of bad luck.

Question: Is Barack Obama responsible for nothing?

According to the information that I have compiled, neither Air Force One nor Marine One has ever failed to start when “he” wants to go somewhere.

Also according to my information, “he” (Barack) has never missed a “Tee time” or a scheduled vacation to Hawaii, and according to the mainstream news media? His (WH) “State Dinners” are events to risk federal prison for, ..and while on the subject, ..while the rest of us are facing the challenge of picking from the Thursday night lineup on television, Barack and Michelle are rubbing elbows with a myriad of America’s most elite entertainers.

If that’s unlucky, maybe some of us that can’t afford a live band in our living room should start walking under ladders, breaking mirrors and kicking black cats.

I know that to some of you out there I sound like a mean-spirited old fart that dislikes Barack Obama because he’s black, and that’s fine with me. Because those of you who are so lacking in “common sense” (or mental acuity) as not to be aware of the fact that every nickel, dime, and dollar that our government spends on anything and everything comes out of your pocket, ..and mine, ..I do not damn you, ..I pity you.

Wake up people, it’s our money, we have to stop feeding the squirrels. Squirrels produced nothing, they simply gather and our present crop of squirrels are doing a monumental job of gathering our money. If you’re living on Social Security as I am, don’t you ever wonder why the amount scribed on the front of your check is so paltry? The reason that the amount scribed on the face of your check is so paltry is because the men and women that we hire i.e., “elect” to represent us and manage our money and our affairs have been stealing our money hand over fist for the last 60 years.


According to askville.com, a 2005 study revealed that 76% of American households own at least one computer.

..so look it up, the money from the Social Security fund that the United States Congress voted to attach to the general fund was enacted as a loan, ..it was not a gift or a gratuity from the rank and file working men and women of America.

They, “our government,” owes the “rank and file” working men and women of America more money than “they” owe China,  and “that amount” has to be damn close to the Nation debt, ..if not exceeding it?

Of course since “they,” are (we the people,) “we the people” owe the “Social Security Fund” more money than “We the People” owe China. (think about that).

Question: Are you beginning to get a clue as to how totally ignorant the man or woman you look at every morning in your mirror while you’re shaving or brushing your teeth is?

Want to fix it? Stop rehiring them! Hire, ‘er “elect” someone else, ..someone new, ..doesn’t matter who, ..as long as the old guys and gals are out. Let them start looking for the jobs that don’t exist because they don’t give a damn about anyone except themselves.

Why the hell should they care, ..they have a job, “they” work for us, ..the most dependable employers on the planet Earth, ..the American taxpayer, ..wise up.


This lying sack of crap is betting that you’re not smart enough to send him back to Chicago.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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