Obesity, and the White House..


(Note) These children are eating at McDonald’s, not the White House.

According to Webster: o·be·si·ty, The condition of being obese; increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat.

According to Webster: ac·cu·mu·la·tion, The act of gathering or amassing, as into a heap or pile.

According to Webster: fat,  (in context) Unnecessary excess.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 11:59 AM


White House Chef – Sam Kass

The Obama’s Chef Plays Part to Fight Childhood Obesity.

Newsmax accepted a special invitation from the Obama White House to speak with White House Chef Sam Kass, who is playing a key role in first lady Michelle Obama’s national campaign to fight childhood obesity.

During an exclusive interview with Newsmax’s Kathleen Walter, and a personal tour of the White House garden, Kass disclosed details of Michelle’s new program, called “Let’s Move.”

(Sidebar) With all due respect to the first lady, I find that the first ladies (slogan) “let’s move” would more appropriately describe my personal desire for the first family to “literally” and “physically” move back to Chicago, come November, or sooner?

If the first lady was truly interested in America’s obese children, she wouldn’t be talking to the White House Chef, about America’s obese children, she would be counseling the parents of America’s obese children on the merits of “Personal Responsibility.”

Again, nowhere in my reading of the Constitution, or in the Bill of Rights, have I come across a law or clause covering America’s caloric intake.”

According to Webster: re·spon·si·bil·i·ty, Something for which one is responsible; a duty, an obligation, or a burden.

Kass continuing…

“The first lady has been very clear from the beginning that “we” really need to take a comprehensive approach to this problem,” said Kass,…

Question: Is the “we” Sam is speaking of, “he and Michelle,” or “we,” ..to include the nation? I only ask, because so far I haven’t been asked to the White House for dinner, or to ride on Air Force One.

Kass continuing…

..who was (the “Obamas” personal chef in Chicago) and now also holds the title of Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives.


(Note) ..the Obama’s personal chef in Chicago.

Kass continuing…

“It’s not just one silver bullet that can fix this.

 One Silver Bullet

The consequences are severe. Right now one in three kids in America is overweight or obese, and the CDC predicts that one in three children in our youngest generation will have diabetes in their lifetime.”

(Sidebar) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services headquartered in “Druid Hills,” unincorporated DeKalb County,Georgia, in Greater Atlanta. It works to protect public health and safety (by providing information to enhance health decisions,) and it promotes health through partnerships with state health departments and other organizations. The CDC focus national attention on developing and applying disease prevention and control (especially infectious diseases and foodborne pathogens and other microbial infections), environmental health, occupational safety and health, health promotion, injury prevention and (education activities) designed to improve the health of the people of the United States. The CDC is the United States’ national public health institute and is a founding member of the International Association of National Public Health Institutes IANPHI.

Question: Does the CDC and the White House think that eating is a disease?

..and a piece of trivia…

According to Webster: Dru·id, A member of an order of priests in ancient Gaul and Britain who appear in Welsh and Irish legend as prophets and sorcerers.



“In my humble opinion,” the two most important offerings in that paragraph are; (by providing information to enhance health decisions,) and (education activities). I can accept the government providing information and education, albeit I can not accept the government spending tax dollars to diminish personal freedoms by mandating conduct.

Kass continuing…

The United States spends $150 billion a year treating obesity-related conditions, according to Kass, who said that obesity is also the No. 1 reason Americans are disqualified from military service.


(Note) Neither the U.S. Government nor the “rank-and-file” general public spooned the volume of food into this child’s mouth that made him obese.

Accordingly, “at least in my opinion,” neither the government, nor the general public is responsible if he develops diabetes.

Kass continuing…

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” has drawn wide, bi-partisan praise for her efforts, including from GOP heavyweights like Mike Huckabee and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

(Sidebar) Interesting choice of individuals to reference concerning obesity..


Mike Huckabee once weighed 300 pounds.

 Gov. Chris Christie, – Obese? ..you decide 

(Sidebar) Mike Huckabee no longer weighs 300 pounds, for whatever reason, Mike Huckabee took responsibility for himself and lost weight…

 Before                                       After

Kass continuing…

Her program is based on five tenets, Kass told Newsmax Health:

According to Webster: ten·et, An opinion, or principle held as being true by a person or by an organization.

(Sidebar) So let’s break ‘em down…

One, “Making sure our schools are places that support the health and well-being of our kids.

Question: This particular tenant arouses my curiosity as to whether or not Michelle Obama believes that public schools in America “don’t” support the “health and well-being” of our children?”  

Fact: “The Obama’s children do not attend a public school.”

Second, “Making sure parents have the information they need to make the best choices for their families.

An excellent tenant, albeit again in this citizens opinion, I believe this nation would be better served by informing children between the ages of 11 and 19 about sexual abstinence.

According to Webster: ab·sti·nence, The act or practice of refraining from indulging an appetite.

Third, “Making sure that all families have access to healthy and affordable food.

As an individual who is active as a “grocery” shopper, I take exception to this tenant on behalf of every unemployed family in America.

Forth, “Making sure that kids are getting an early start in childhood — meaning from pregnancy on.

With my proclivity for misunderstanding rhetoric, I probably shouldn’t touch this one, is Michelle referring adult married women in this tenant? ..or is she referring to the children (teens) between the ages of 11 and 17 who become pregnant in America every day?

The fifth, but not the least pillar, is physical activity.


When your father or mother hasn’t worked in more than a year, it’s difficult for some children to come by a baseball or a bicycle.

Kass continuing…

If our kids aren’t moving more, we know we’re not going to solve the problems. We’ve got to keep our kids physically active.”


A great sentiment indeed, so let’s send the Obama’s back to Chicago in November so America can get back to work and back to the business of Americans earning a living so that “we” can facilitate Michele’s dream.

Kass continuing…

The emphasis of the program is on fresh foods. “Right now our country is under-consuming fruits and vegetables at alarming rates, as well as whole grains, so we’re working to make sure that we’re getting the right kinds of food into the hands of families in a way that they can afford,” Kass explained…


As I sit here pecking at the keys before me, the American taxpayer is providing hundreds of thousands of tons of food to children and families in foreign countries around the world. Which of course brings into question?

Question: Am I an insensitive anti-charity zealot?


“Not at all, I am as I have stated many times in this “Blog,” I am a simple man, ..who believes in personal responsibility.

I believe in helping people to help themselves, I am neither a politician, nor a noble, I live in the real world, I believe that it is “appalling” to destroy a person by diminishing their will to fend for themselves.

According to Webster: ap·pall·ing, Causing consternation or dismay; frightful.

I also believe that it is appalling to tell an individual, man or beast, what he can or cannot wolf down when he’s hungry..


What’s life without a little humor? 

Kass Continuing 

While rising fuel costs have contributed to higher food prices, Kass said that American families can save money and eat healthy in their homes.

“Food prices take a serious toll on family budgets, and we’re going to have to work creatively with business leaders and with community members who are figuring out alternative strategies and effective strategies to get healthy options on the plates of Americans.”


Not a problem, we simply elects 311 million Presidents and Shazam, ..Utopia.

Kass continuing…

The first working vegetable garden on White House grounds since Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden in the 1940s, the Obamas’ garden includes potatoes, spinach, lettuce, radishes, chard, rapini, carrots, bok choy, broccoli, onions, and mustard greens.

Some of the harvested vegetables find their way onto the Obamas’ dinner table and some have even been used in state dinners. Each fall since 2009, there has been enough surplus to donate some 500 pounds of fresh vegetables to charitable organizations.


Very commendable, “kudos” to the Obama administration.

Kass continuing…

“The greatest thing we’ve seen in the first lady’s garden is beyond just having fresh accessible food from a garden. Maybe the most powerful part is what kids learn from it and how their minds are opened up to try new things when they play a role in planting something, or preparing something,” Kass said.


Once again, alluding to my proclivity for misunderstanding government propaganda, is Sam Kass declaring that Malia and Sasha tend the White House garden and occasionally work in the kitchen?


Touring the garden, Kass takes pride in the wide selection of vegetables. “These are going to be potatoes here,” he said, pointing. “This is garlic over here and some cilantro down in the middle of it. Some more cauliflower over here. A lot of lettuce over here. This bed is really pretty.”

The first lady has just authored a new book entitled “American Grown.” Due out on May 29, the book highlights not only the White House garden, but the role that gardens in general can play in promoting better health.


At the risk of sounding like a Grinch, I would much prefer if someone in Washington would authored a book entitled; “Manufactured in America.” Which, “at least in my opinion,” would be a great frist step in American’s getting back to work so that “they” (American’s) could purchase their needs with “Green Back Dollars” provived by industry instead of “Food Stamps.” provided by the government .

Kass continuing…

It’s never too late to start eating healthy, according to Kass. “We launched My Plate which is the new food pyramid. Now with My Plate there are simple steps — things like fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables; choose low-fat milk. Little things like that can add up to have a really dramatic impact on kids’ health. We’ve got to start somewhere. But we can have a big difference without too much effort.”

Question: How does that play in the homeless community?

Kass continuing…

He said schools play a key role in promoting healthy eating. “Schools are a cornerstone of our kids’ daily lives. They are not only where kids are learning about nutrition, but they’re also eating a tremendous amount there. Many kids rely on school meal programs for a huge portion, if not over half, of their daily calories. It’s critical that schools offer healthy choices and teach children about making the right choices.

“Schools are stepping up and going above and beyond the challenge — helping to start gardens and teach kids in science class about how to make good choices, so it’s pretty exciting,” Kass added. “We come across great work in the schools all the time.”


Again, not to rain on Sam’s parade, albeit “in this citizen’s considered opinion,” if we, “we the people,” as an entity were considered by “our government” as a legitimate source in deciding what is actually necessary and beneficial to our children and to the nation, the Obama’s would not be living in the White House and “Obamacare” would not be a future (terminating) law.


Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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