Stupid Questions..

According to Webster: “stu·pid,” Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.


..and of course, there’s Mrs. Gump: (Forrest Gump’s mother) a charming and clever character played by Sally Fields in the 1994 Paramount Pictures box office success who explicated; “Stupid is, stupid does.”



However, in pursuit of providing a definition that properly defines my purpose here for today, I would like to turn to my “Haydock Elementary school,” (second grade teacher,) Mrs. Deena Womack, who constantly reminded her class that the only “Stupid Question” was a Question that wasn’t asked.”

I liked Mrs. Womack a lot…

Accordingly, in remembrance of Mrs. Womack, I query: Who owns the property, legally and popularly known as; “Zuccotti Park” in New York City?

If your response is New York City, ..or any subsidiary of New York City,’d be wrong, ..or “incorrect,” ..for those of you who attended Harvard or Yale.

Correct answer: “Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

Question: Who is Brookfield Asset Management Inc?

If your response is; “Brookfield is a global alternative asset manager with approximately $150 billion in assets under management. We have over a 100-year history of owning and operating assets with a focus on property, renewable power, infrastructure and private equity.

Brookfield’s Corporate Headquarters are located at;

Brookfield Place, Suite300
181 Bay Street
Toronto,ONM5J 2T3

With corporate offices in;

London, United Kingdom

Sydney, Australia

Hong Kong

New York City, USA

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dubai, UAE

..and why is this important to anyone in America?

Because it’s right at the top of the list of my “stupid questions” that no one is asking.

Like this Stupid Question: Did the Obama administration guarantee $150 million loan, (with American tax dollars) to Brookfield Asset Management Inc.?

According to the (lonely

“Company that Owns Zuccotti Park Received Green Loan Guarantee from Obama Admin…

October 9, 2011

By Lonely Conservative; 5 comments..

It’s been a bit of a puzzle as to why the owners of Zuccotti Park that the Occupy Wall Street gang has taken over have allowed them to stay. They’re angering residents and pretty much stinking up the place. The owners have mentioned that the park is normally cleaned every night, but they have not been able to clean it in three weeks. Sanitation was “becoming an issue” a few days ago. Lord knows what it’s like now, I hear it’s pretty bad.

Could the fact that the parent company of “Brookfield Properties” received a “green energy loan guarantee” from the Obama administration for a New Hampshire wind farm have anything to do with it?

In the name of “green energy,” the Obama administration is using taxpayer money to subsidize a New Hampshire wind farm that is a subsidiary of a hugely profitable company.

New Hampshire’s largest wind farm, the Granite Reliable Power project under construction in Coos County, is jointly owned by BAIF Granite Holdings, LLC and Freshnet Wind Energy, LLC. BAIF owns 75 percent of Granite Reliable. BAIF Granite Holdings was created earlier this year by “Brookfield Renewable Power,” which is a subsidiary of “Brookfield Asset Management” of New York. ( interesting, ..or no?)

That company, which runs clean energy operations around the world, has deep pockets. It reported net income of $454 million in 2009 and $3.2 billion in 2010.

Brookfield Renewable Power financed the creation of BAIF Granite Holdings from its Brookfield America’s Infrastructure fund, which was reported in February to have $2.7 billion in assets. With that kind of backing, “it is curious” that the U.S. Department of Energy announced it would guarantee up to 80 percent of a $168.9 million loan for the Granite Reliable wind farm project last week.

Isn’t it curious that such a prosperous company would need loan guarantees from a bankrupt government? I guess not, when you realize that “Joe Biden’s son”…

(Sidebar) ..for those less informed, (Joe Biden) is the vice President of the United States. a partner in the lobbying firm Brookfield employed.

There’s more to the story. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it would be up to the property owners to evict the filth from the park. His girlfriend is on the company’s board of directors, so perhaps he could have a word with her?

And that’s not all…

Something stinks, and it isn’t just the unwashed protesters.

Question: So what does Joe Biden’s boss Barack Obama think about the links between the “Occupy Wall Street Protesters,” the Vice President “Joe Biden’s son and Mayor Bloomberg’s live-in girlfriend?

 The short answer..

 More to think about, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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