Americanism, (ideology)..

Americanism is an ideology or belief in devotion, loyalty, or allegiance to the United States of America or to its flag, traditions, customs, culture, symbols, institutions, or form of government. A belief in Americanism is a preference for all things or most things having to do with the United States. In some cases it can be a view of superiority of the United States over other systems.

Americanism can also be a way of speaking, writing, or spelling of words in “American English” that may be different from “British English,” or other forms of the English language.

Editorial: I reiterate, i.e., (once again) America was founded by men and women in the pursuit of escaping tyranny, both political and religious. The preamble to our Constitution begins with;

            Continental Congress           

“We the People” (of the United States,) ”in Order to form a more perfect Union,” “establish Justice,” “insure domestic Tranquility,” “provide for the common defence,” “promote the general Welfare,” and “secure the Blessings of Liberty” to “ourselves” and “our Posterity,” “do ordain and establish this Constitution” “for the United States of America.”

Question: What is it, (that anyone with the “common sense” that God gave a gerbil,) ..doesn’t understand about the foregoing text?

We the people, ..simply refers to the “born or naturalized” citizens of the United States of America.

The United States, ..simply refers to the United States of America.


King George III

 A more perfect union, ..simply refers to the fact that the people in 1874 America under the rule of “King George III” were displeased with George’s policies and dedicated to forming, a more perfect government.


Lady Justice

Establish justice, ..simply means that the American people were tired of being treated unjustly.

Insure domestic tranquility…


According to Webster: do·mes·tic, (in context) Of or relating to a country’s internal affairs: domestic issues such as tax rates and highway construction.

 American highway



According to Webster: tran·quil·li·ty, The quality or state of being tranquil; serenity.

Provide for the common defense…

 Community, sharing for the common good.

According to Webster: com·mon, (in context) Of or relating to the community as a whole; public: for the common good.


U.S.troops defending against aggression.

According to Webster: de·fense, The act of defending against attack, danger, or injury.

Promote the “general” welfare.. 


According to Webster: gen·er·al, (in context) Involving the main features rather than precise details: in general.  

 Honest Welfare recipient.

 According to Webster: wel·fare, (in context) Health, happiness, and well-being.

 Lady liberty

“and secure the blessings of “liberty” to ourselves and our posterity.”

According to Webster: pos·ter·i·ty, Future generations.

 First line of defense .

According to Webster: se·cure, Free from the danger or attack.


 Unjust and unwanted Government Controller.

According to Webster: lib·er·ty, Freedom from unjust or undue governmental control.

Editorial: With the most important Presidential election, in my lifetime, ..or in yours approaching quickly, and I, ..and every common sense voter in America is going to have to decide, “whether or not.” ..we, “We the People” ..that have devoted our lives to working, building and maintaining this Great Nation, ..a nation founded on the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers, ..want to continue living in the America that they fought for, ..or are we going to cower under the thumb of a socialistic ideologue and allow ourselves to be herded into a closet in “Obamaville?”

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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