According to Webster: man·date, To make mandatory, as by law; decree or requirement.

According to Webster: loss, (in context) The condition of being deprived or bereaved of something or someone.

Whitney Houston’s Death Certificate, ..No Official Cause of Death… Yet

Whitney Houston’s official death certificate has been filed in L.A. County– and according to the document, obtained by TMZ, the cause of death is still undetermined.

The manner of death is listed as “pending investigation” — and the immediate cause of death is “deferred.”

Whitney’s occupation is listed on the document as an “entertainer” who worked in the industry for 33 years — beginning when she was just 15.

According to the document, Whitney will be laid to rest on Saturday at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ — the same cemetery where her father is buried.

As we previously reported, the L.A. County Coroner’s office is awaiting toxicology results in order to determine an official cause of death — a process that typically takes 4-6 weeks. The autopsy was completed Sunday.

TMZ broke the story … Whitney drank heavily the night before her death — and investigators found multiple prescription drugs inside her hotel room, including Xanax and Amoxicillin.
As we first reported, Whitney’s family was told by the L.A. County Coroner’s office … Whitney likely died from a deadly combination of alcohol and prescription drugs — NOT drowning. (Source,

In the 70 years that my maker has graciously allowed me to roam this planet I have learned and heard many things. With one of the most underscored of the many things I’ve heard to many times in reference to a man or a woman on a path to self-destruction being; “There’s a wreck waiting to happen.”

Statement of fact: Whitney Houston used drugs and alcohol.

Barack Obama, last week, released his budget estimates for the coming year, announcing that with its approval, we, “America” can save more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years.

Question: Are Barack Obama’s ideology driven actions “..a wreck waiting to happen?”

Once again “quoting” my favorite fictitious character, Forrest Gump’s mother, “Stupid is, stupid does.”

According to Webster: save, (in context) To avoid waste or expense; economize.

Presidents and governments enjoy the authority to mandate, “not so much” by the letter of the Constitution, ..but rather by the “authority vested in them by custom and tradition.”

Barack Obama, as well-meaning as he may be in his own mind, does not have the authority by the Constitution of the United States to mandate most everything that he has indeed mandated to date.

Question: Do you believe that Abraham Lincoln, the one individual in our history who is singularly credited to have more to do with Barack Obama’s right as an American citizen to serve in the office of President of the United States, ..was talking out of his ass at Gettysburg when he said; “..that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, ..that this nation, ..under God, ..shall have a new birth of freedom, ..and that government of the people, the people, ..for the people, ..shall not perish from the earth.”

Question: Can you imagine anyone 100 years from now remembering, let alone “quoting” anything Barack Obama has ever given voice to?

Although I am not an individual who personally advocates anything other than self-reliance and personal responsibility. If I were adjudicated with the authority to mandate something for posterity, it would be to mandate drug testing for every man woman and child in America on a 30 day rotation and return to public hangings in the square for those who fail.


If America truly wants to reduce its deficit and save for the future, let’s reduce our lavish spending in stupidity and save future generations of human beings from the tragedy of spending their last moment of life alone in a porcelain tub.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

Something for Nothing..

According to Webster: some·thing, (in context)  One that is very special or quite remarkable.

Statement of fact: “Intellect is very special and definitely remarkable.”

According to Webster: noth·ing, (in context) One that has no substance or importance. 

In my “humble” opinion: When it comes to “Conservatism and leadership,” Mitt Romney definitely has a somewhat shaky history, i.e., “..a definite lack of substance.”


According to Webster: lead·er·ship, (in context) Capacity or ability to lead.

Statement of fact: “The capacity to win by stabbing your opponents in the back is not leadership.”


Which brings us to candidate, Rick Santorum, ..who, ..also in my “humble” opinion: “When it comes to experience and Moxie…

According to Webster: mox·ie,  (in context) Aggressive energy.

…has little or neither, i.e., “..a definite lack of substance.”


Which brings us to candidate, Newton Leroy Gingrich, a gentleman that has absolutely no need for my opinion.

Statement of fact: Newton Leroy Gingrich is unequivocally the smartest, i.e., (most intelligent) candidate competing for the GOP nomination.  

Statement of fact: Newton Leroy Gingrich unequivocally has more “Government Experience” than any “serious” candidate competing for the GOP nomination.

Statement of fact: Newton Leroy Gingrich is unequivocally endowed with more Moxie in his little finger, (and yes, ..I refer to his little finger,)  “Not his index finger, ..which he occasionally finds necessary to wag in his detractors faces,” than all of his competitors in the race for the Office of President of the United States combined, include (especially) Barack Obama.

State of the Nation…

And I’m “not” referring to the nonsense that Barack Obama delivered in January. I’m referring to reality that slaps you in the face every time you turn on your television set. The reality that America is becoming more divided with every tick of the clock.

Current examples…

Statement of fact: There are presently no less than “half-a-dozen” unemployed celebrities shilling for one “Corporate Entity” or another to sell the few people left in America with equity, (62 or older) who own a mortgage, ..that “Corporate America” doesn’t have a part of, open a door, “their” equity by refinancing with a reverse mortgage.

Statement of fact: “Banks and Mortgage Companies” do “not” take you to dinner, ..they “take you” to the cleaners.

Goldline, Rosland Capital, PFG and a bevy of others also employee celebrities to “bark” their message that your future is bleak unless you invest in gold, ..because America’s economy is in recession.

Statement of fact: America’s economy is not in recession as long as there’s still one fool out there with “currency” dumb enough to exchange it for gold.

Statement of fact: Gold is not “currency,” nor is it nutritious. Gold is a commodity, if America’s economy was truly failing, people with “currency” would be purchasing commodities that they could eat.

What is failing, is America’s society, divided by political doctrine and political deception from both sides of the aisle. Barack Obama and his progressive liberal left-wing ideology wants to lead America down a path to socialism. Whereas his predecessor, George W. Bush and his chorus line of carpetbaggers marched to a different drummer, albeit neither of their agendas did anything to help anyone other than the individuals that didn’t need help.

Editorial: If the “rank-and-file” working men and women in America truly aspire to have representation in Washington D.C. for the taxes that they pay, it would be my advice that the “rank-and-file,” working men and women in America remove their heads from their armpits and begin actually electing leadership from with-in their own ranks.

Of course, since that option is currently not on the table, the best I can do is to advise you to discontinue voting for fools from wealthy influential families, and/or fools with wealthy influential friends.

America’s economy is fine, “Banks and Finance Institutions” are currently hoarding more money than they have ever had to hoard in their history. They are hoarding “our” money, “our tax dollars,” ..bailout dollars,  ..and who do the “Banks and Financial Institutions” have to thank for the abundance of wealth they presently control?

Answer: George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama, ..that’s who.!!!

  The big airplane is mine now.

For some time now I have been feeling downcast over the fact that we, “We the People,” here in America do not choose our leaders by engaging a blindfolded six-year-old child to throw darts at pages haphazardly chosen from randomly selected phone books. As sad a fact as it is, ..we, “We the People,” of the United States of America are duty bound with the task and  responsibility of selecting our leaders via ballots.


According to Webster: re·spon·si·bil·i·ty, Something for which one is responsible; a duty, an obligation, or a burden.

Choose wisely my friends, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

The Question of Race?

Question: Is “a Race” ..”a competition,” or is, ..”a Race,” ..”an identification?

Uncut and unabridged…

“According to Webster: race1 (r³s) n. 1. A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics. 2. A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution: the German race. 3. A genealogical line; a lineage. 4. Human beings considered as a group. 5. Biology. a. A population of organisms differing from others of the same species in the frequency of hereditary traits; a subspecies. b. A breed or strain, as of domestic animals. 6. A distinguishing or characteristic quality, such as the flavor of a wine. [French, from Old French, from Old Italian razza, race, lineage.]

 race2 (r³s) n. 1. Sports. a. A competition of speed, as in running or riding. b. races. A series of such competitions held at a specified time on a regular course: attending the dog races. 2. An extended competition in which participants struggle like runners to be the winner: the presidential race. 3. Steady or rapid onward movement: the race of time. 4.a. A strong or swift current of water. b. The channel of such a current. c. An artificial channel built to transport water and use its energy; a raceway. 5. A groovelike part of a machine in which a moving part slides or rolls. 6. See slipstream. –race v. raced, rac·ing, rac·es. –intr. 1. Sports. To compete in a contest of speed. 2. To move rapidly or at top speed: raced home in time. 3. To run too rapidly because of decreased resistance or a lighter load: an engine that was racing. –tr. 1. Sports. a. To compete against in a race. b. To cause to compete in a race; enter in a contest: The monarch raced her horses in the derby each year. 2. To transport rapidly or at top speed; rush: raced the injured motorist to the hospital. 3. To cause (an engine with the gears disengaged, for example) to run swiftly or too swiftly. [Middle English ras, from Old Norse r³s, rush, running. See ers- below.]

Race (r³s),Cape. A promontory of southeast Newfoundland, Canada, on the coast of the Avalon Peninsula.” (Source, Merriam-Webster)

Of course, ”in my considered opinion,” ..which of course holds “no vote” or “no value” in Merriam-Webster’s domain, I believe that Webster could have taken it a step further.

Question: Is an individual of European descent born on the continent of Africa who has migrated, i.e., moved to America and completed America’s naturalization protocols, an African American?

 Charlize Theron – a true African American

Charlize Theron; born (7 August 1975) is a South African actress who later became an American citizen. She started her acting career in the United States and rose to fame in the late 1990s following roles in The Devil’s Advocate (1997), Mighty Joe Young (1998), and The Cider House Rules (1999). Theron won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster (2003), becoming the first African to win an Academy Award in a major acting category. She received another Academy Award nomination for her performance in North Country (2005). Theron became an American citizen in 2007, while retaining her South African citizenship. (Source Wikipedia)

According to available records, both George W. Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama were born in America.


George Walker Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut at Grace-New Haven Hospital (now Yale – New Haven Hospital), on July 6, 1946

Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961, at Kapiʻolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital (now Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children) in Honolulu, Hawaii


George Herbert Walker Bush was born at 173 Adams Street in Milton, Massachusetts on June 12, 1924


Barbara Pierce Bush was born at Booth Memorial Hospital in Flushing, Queens in New York City, June 8, 1925


Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was born in Rachuonyo District on the shores of Lake Victoria just outside Kendu Bay, Kenya Colony, at the time a colony of the British Empire.


Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama) was born in St. Francis Hospital in Wichita, Kansas,  November, 29, 1942.


Question: Is Barack Obama an African-American? ..or simply a guy that enjoys dressing up?


..or is Barack Obama simply another self aggrandized egomaniac who through political affiliation and deception, (as his immediate predecessor,) ..”undeservedly” achieve election to America’s most prestigious job?

According to Webster: e·go·ma·ni·a, Obsessively preoccupied with the self.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

America Divided, ..Chapter 3

According to Webster: self-re·li·ance, Reliance on one’s own capabilities, judgment, or resources; independence.

Statement of fact: America was not fought for and founded by our forefathers and founding fathers to be a dependent welfare state.

Statement of fact: The Constitution of the United States of America does not support or lend credence to socialism or communism.

According to Webster: so·cial·ism, (in context) The building of the material base for communism under the dictatorship of the proletariat in Marxist-Leninist theory.

According to Webster: com·mu·nism, (in context)  A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.

America was founded by men and women who fought tyranny to be free to own what they worked for…

(Sidebar) ..operative word in my last sentence, “worked” for..

…not what they stood in a line for.

 Americans standing in line for assistance.

America is a capitalist country…

According to Webster: cap·i·tal·ism,  An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.

(Sidebar) ..immediate point of interest, “privately or corporately owned.”



America is a Great Country, and “in my humble opinion,” the Greatest Country on the planet. Albeit with that said, as sad a task as it is, ..being a “died in the wool conservative,” i.e., “Responsible American citizen,” ..I feel obligated, ..and duty bound to share what I believe America is rapidly becoming.

As the Obama administration moves forward with its agenda to socialize and secularize America, we, “we that take the time to pay attention to what our (progressive liberal) media talking heads” ..are endeavoring, i.e., “running full steam ahead,” indoctrinate us with…

According to Webster: in·doc·tri·nate, (in context) To imbue with a partisan or ideological point of view.

According to Webster: so·cial·ize, (in context) To place under government or group ownership or control.

According to Webster: sec·u·lar·ize, (in context) To draw away from religious orientation; make worldly.

…the term “nanny state” is becoming a greater part of our vocabulary than “self reliance.”

According to Webster: nan·ny,  A children’s nurse.

Nanny state is a term of British origin (and primary use) that conveys a view that a government or its policies are overprotective or interfering unduly with personal choice. (Source Wikipedia)

 People working in China

Quickly becoming an endangered species in America.

 Wake up America, ..when the Sun sits on this picture…

 …this is what you will wake up to.

 Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

Ideology and the law, addendum..

Executive Order 13524..



Yugosaki: “This certainly won’t make mainstream news…”

Quoted, verbatim…

“Executive Order 13524 of December 16, 2009, Amending Executive Order 12425 Designating Interpol as a Public International Organization Entitled to Enjoy Certain Privileges, Exemptions, and Immunities

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions,  and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words ‘‘except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act’’ and the semicolon that immediately precedes them. “…appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities…” and given BLANKET authority by deleting the limiting phrasing: “except those provided by..”

Does anyone realize just how much power Obama has handed INTERPOL?

Does anyone care to speculate how that power may be used in the future?”

(Sidebar): Barack Obama is not only systematically laying the ground work for socialism, he is paving the road for Islam, which, at least the last time I checked, is “not” in accordance with the U.S. Constitution’s “requisite” for a separation between church and state.

According to Webster: req·ui·site, “Required; essential. Something that is indispensable; a requirement.”


“Interpol, both by its own virtue and by the extended powers signed into law by that executive order, they DON’T NEED A WARRANT. Especially in light of the Patriot Act.

Yeah. 2007 was where it began, before Obama’s watch. And like many dictators before, Obama will not necessarily pass his own draconian legislation, but he will most definitely take advantage of the well-meaning (and not-so-well-meaning) legislators who have come before him.

In this case, however, he’s setting up his own international “disappear” squad. Congress would never authorize a Secret Police, so with the stroke of a pen, Barack Hussein Obama has authorized INTERPOL to operate outside of our laws, in our own country.

Think about that a bit.

Warrants? Only when operating within the Constitution.

Welcome to the Joys of INGSOC, Comrade. Remember to Love Big Brother, and that ..newspeak replaces ..oldspeak.”


“newspeak is doublespeak.”




 Think about it, “HARD,” I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

Ideology and the Law..

According to Webster: i·de·ol·o·gy, (in context) The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of individual, ..a group, ..a class, or ..a culture.

According to Webster: law, A rule of conduct or procedure established by ..custom, ..agreement, ..or authority.


(note) ..he’s even liberal-handed.

Sharia law, (Arabic) ..also spelled shariah, sharīʿah; ..also known as Islamic law, is the moral code and religious law of Islam. Sharia is derived from two primary sources of Islamic law: the precepts set forth in the Quran, and the example set by the Islamic prophet Muhammad in the Sunnah. Islamic jurisprudence interprets and extends the application of sharia to questions not directly addressed in the primary sources by including secondary sources.

These secondary sources usually include the consensus of the religious scholars embodied in ijma, and analogy from the Quran and Sunnah through qiyas. Shia jurists prefer to apply reasoning rather than analogy in order to address difficult questions.

Muslims believe sharia is God’s law, but they differ as to what exactly it entails. Modernists, traditionalists and fundamentalists all hold different views of sharia, as do adherents to different schools of Islamic thought and scholarship. Different countries, societies and cultures have varying interpretations of sharia as well.

Sharia deals with many topics addressed by secular law, including crime, politics and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, and fasting. Where it has official status, sharia is applied by Islamic judges, or qadis.

The imam has varying responsibilities depending on the interpretation of sharia; while the term is commonly used to refer to the leader of communal prayers, the imam may also be a scholar, religious leader, or political leader.

The reintroduction of sharia is a longstanding goal for Islamist movements in Muslim countries. Some Muslim minorities in Asia have maintained institutional recognition of sharia to adjudicate their personal and community affairs. In western countries, where Muslim immigration is more recent, Muslim minorities have introduced sharia family law, for use in their own disputes, with varying degrees of success e.g., Britain’s Muslim Arbitration Tribunal. Attempts to impose sharia have been accompanied by controversy, violence, and even warfare. (Source Wikipedia)


Interpol’s honoring of Saudi warrant could lead to arrest of Americans…

by Frank J. Gaffney

Over the weekend, a drama with potentially horrific consequences for freedom-loving Americans played out half-a-world away. A Saudi newspaper columnist named Hamza Kashgari was detained in Malaysia, reportedly on the basis of an alert by Interpol. “This arrest was part of an Interpol operation which the Malaysian police were a part of,” Reuters quotes a Malaysian police spokesman as saying. The alert apparently was mounted in response to a “red notice” (or request for help apprehending an individual) issued by Saudi Arabia. Mr. Kashgari was then sent back to Saudi Arabia, where he faces almost certain death.

Mr. Kashgari’s crime? He criticized the founder of Islam, Muhammad, on his Twitter account. According to press reports, he addressed the man Muslims call the Prophet directly, writing: “I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you. There is a lot I don’t understand about you. … I will not pray for you.”

The reaction in Saudi Arabia has been characteristically over the top when it comes to such alleged “blasphemy” against Islam. Clerics have denounced Mr. Kashgari for apostasy, a capital offense under the totalitarian Islamic code known as Shariah. Tens of thousands of his countrymen have expressed indignation, with some 13,000 signing an online petition calling for the columnist’s execution.

Jago Russell, chief executive of the British nongovernmental organization, Fair Trials International, told the Guardian that Interpol is an international coordination mechanism for national police authorities that is supposed “to respect human rights and free speech” and steer clear of “religious or political cases.” So why, if the Malaysian police are telling the truth, did it apparently violate all such guidelines?

An Interpol spokesman insists that his organization had nothing to do with Mr. Kashgari’s apprehension in Malaysia and involuntary return to Saudi Arabia. What is clear at this point is that the Saudis sought help apprehending the man who fled their not-so-tender mercies. It seems likely that the Saudi “red notice” to Interpol provided the Malays a pretext for intercepting and extraditing a columnist who dared to exercise free speech.

If Interpol is now being used, in effect, to enforce Shariah blasphemy laws, it is not just somebody else’s problem. It is ours.

After all, in a December 2009 executive order unveiled on a Friday afternoon in the run-up to the Christmas holidays, President Obama issued “Executive Order 13524.” It amended an earlier order by President Reagan that conferred on Interpol some – but not all – of the privileges of a foreign diplomatic mission.

Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor and one of the finest legal minds and essayists of our time, wrote that Mr. Obama’s amendments would have the effect of establishing here “an international police force immune from the restraints of American law.” He added that, thanks to the Obama executive order, “This international police force (whose U.S. headquarters is in the Justice Department in Washington D.C.) will be unrestrained by the U.S. Constitution and American law while it operates in the United States and affects both Americans and American interests outside the United States.”

There has been a lot of anxiety across the country lately about the possibility that provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act could be used to have the military arrest American citizens and detain them indefinitely without due process. Like Mr. McCarthy and Charles Stimson, the author of a new study from the Heritage Foundation on the subject, I believe such concerns to be unfounded.

It appears, however, that pursuant to Mr. Obama’s directive, “red notices” issued by foreign powers against U.S. citizens could result in their apprehension by or with the help of Interpol, and perhaps lead to their surrender to hostile foreign powers. Whether something similar happened to Mr. Kashgari remains to be clarified. But we need to know: Could the  ‘carte blanche ‘ inexplicably given Interpol by Mr. Obama lend itself to such abuse against Americans in a future case?

What makes all this particularly worrying is that the Obama administration is currently helping the Saudis and the multinational lobby the kingdom hosts in Jedda, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, in a longstanding campaign to criminalize expression that offends Muslims. The “Istanbul Process” is inexorably translating into legitimization of Shariah blasphemy laws – and a threat to those not only in Muslim nations but in Europe, Canada and even the United States, who flout them.

The more the international community accedes to clearly anti-constitutional restrictions on freedom of expression, the more an international police force is empowered to act in extra-constitutional ways, the more certain it becomes that the Constitution of the United States risks becoming a dead letter. Or, at least, our Constitution will no longer be “the supreme law of the land,” as its Article VI declares. Instead, we will have conceded an equal, if not superior, place to Shariah and put at risk all who dare to resist its tyranny.

Congress needs to enact legislation countermanding “Executive Order 13524” and serving notice that America remains the home of those free to speak their minds and brave enough to resist Interpol’s – or anybody else’s – efforts to keep them from doing so in what amounts to submission to Shariah. (Source,

Barack Obama has made no secret of his affinity for his father and his father’s dreams.

According to Webster: af·fin·i·ty, 1. A natural attraction or feeling of kinship. 2. An inherent similarity between persons or things.

Statement of fact: Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim.

Statement of fact: Barack Obama’s father was a Bigamist.

Statement of fact” Barack Obama’s father was an Alcoholic.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

America Divided, ..Chapter 2

According to Webster: re·spon·si·bil·i·ty, The state, quality, or fact of being responsible; a duty, an obligation, or a burden.


 Kathleen Sebelius

Kathleen Sebelius, born May 15, 1948) is an American politician currently serving as the 21st Secretary of Health and Human Services. She was the second female Governor of Kansas from 2003 to 2009, the Democratic respondent to the 2008 State of the Union address, and chair-emerita of the Democratic Governors Association.

Sebelius was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family in Cincinnati, Ohio. She attended the Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati and graduated from Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A. in political science. She later earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Kansas. She moved to Kansas in 1974, where she served for eight years as a representative in the Kansas Legislature and eight years as Insurance Commissioner before being elected governor.

Sebelius is the daughter of former Democratic Ohio Governor John J. Gilligan, and thus they became the first father/daughter governor pair in the United States after her election. Following passage of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, she pointed out another father-daughter connection: her father had been in the House of Representatives when Medicare was originally passed in 1965.

Her husband, K. Gary Sebelius, is a federal magistrate judge and the son of former U.S. Representative Keith Sebelius, a Republican. They have two sons: Ned (b. 1982) and John (b. 1985). She also visits her childhood and current vacation home, located in Leland, Michigan, north of Traverse City, Michigan. An avid fan of jazz music, Sebelius as of 2009 has a 30-year unbroken streak of annually attending Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

Sebelius served as executive director and chief lobbyist for the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association (now Kansas Association for Justice) from 1977–1986. She was first elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in 1986. In 1994 she left the House to run for state Insurance Commissioner and stunned political forecasters by winning – the first time a Democrat had won in more than 10 years. She refused to take campaign contributions from the insurance industry and blocked the proposed merger of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, the state’s largest health insurer, with an Indiana-based company. Sebelius’s decision marked the first time the corporation had been rebuffed in its acquisition attempts.

Sebelius was first elected governor of Kansas in 2002. She was re-elected in 2006. (Source Wikipedia)

Another set of admirable credentials, (so what?)

In my offering yesterday I again quoted Merriam-Webster’s definition of: free·dom, 1. The condition of being free of restraints. 2. Possession of civil rights; immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority. 3. The capacity to exercise choice.

Currently in the news…

A preschool student at West Hoke Elementary School in North Carolina ended up eating three chicken nuggets for lunch two weeks ago — because a state inspector declared that the 4-year-old’s lunch wasn’t nutritious enough.

The turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice, according to the Carolina Journal, didn’t meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines. So to meet those requirements, the child was given chicken nuggets. The agent was inspecting the entire class’ lunch boxes that day.

The state’s Department of Health and Human Services requires that all lunches served to pre-kindergarten students — whether from school or home — meet USDA meal guidelines of one serving each of meat, milk and grain, and two servings of fruit or vegetables. The regulations also state that if meals or snacks brought from home do not meet nutritional requirements outlined in the “Meal Patterns for Children in Child Care,” the school “must provide additional food necessary to meet those requirements.”

It’s unclear to state officials why, exactly, the girl’s meal was deemed insufficient. The girl’s mother thought that the potato chips and lack of vegetables may have been a problem, but Jani Kozlowski, fiscal and statutory policy manager for the Division of Child Development told the Carolina Journal that the meal should have met guidelines.

“With a turkey sandwich, that covers your protein, your grain, and if it had cheese on it, that’s the dairy,” Kozlowski said. “It sounds like the lunch itself would’ve met all of the standard.”

The struggle to comply with USDA guidelines in school meals is not new. Celebrity chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver spent years trying to remove flavored milk from school cafeterias. The target: glucose. While flavored milk met USDA guidelines for dairy, those recommendations ignore the fact that a carton of flavored milk often contained more sugar than a can of soda.

In the first move of its kind in over 15 years, the government last month announced new guidelines to ensure students are given healthier options for school meals. The new standards call for more whole grains and produce as well as less sodium and fat in school meals. While the measures mark a step forward from previous years, they still compromise amid push-back from Congress to keep pizza and french fries on the menu — counting both the tomato paste on pizza and the potatoes that make fries as vegetables. (Source, Huffington

According to Webster: ar·bi·trar·y, Determined by chance, whim, or impulse.

Referring once again to Merriam-Webster: “Immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority.” ..and “the capacity to exercise choice.”

Question: If Kathleen Sibelius, so “concerned” ..and so “intent” on wielding her authority as Secretary of Health and Human Services…

…why are there still a “declared” 500,000 men women and children, ..and an “undeclared” three to five million men women and children living on the streets across America?

If “our” government can afford to hire a legion of inspectors to check the lunch sacks of preschoolers, why can’t “our” (we know better than you) government do something about, feeding and clothing and housing America’s homeless?

Statement of fact: Under the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama, hundreds of thousands of decent hard-working American citizens have lost their jobs and their homes over the last 12 years in America.

Statement of fact: When the financial practices of Wall Street and American banks went south, ..both George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama were “Johnny on the Spot” bail them out.

Statement of fact: The “MONEY” that George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama used to bail out corporate America were tax dollars, a.k.a., “our dollars,” ..NOT their dollars!


Corporate America is recovering nicely.

Our government is presently larger and better paid than at any time in its 237 year history.


Our Government is enjoying itself, about you?

 Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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