When Money rewrites History..

When money rewrites history, America gets a George W. Bush and a Barack Hussein Obama.

Let’s examine my statement…

George “Duba” Bush, a man, “who in my opinion” would lose and intellectual competition to “a box of rocks,” was elected to the Office of “President of the United States,” when money and influence rewrote history.

Barack Hussein Obama, a man “who in my opinion,” would be defeated in a clean hands competition with “a cockroach,” was elected to the Office of “President of the United States” when money and influence ignored history.

And it’s happening again…

Willard Mitt Romney, Massachusetts’s wealthy ego driven ex-governor is presently attempting to elevate himself with the good folks in Florida by blatantly and dishonestly altering the history of a man he couldn’t compete with otherwise.


Alluding to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in her interview with John Stossel, Sarah says; Newt Gingrich is being “crucified” by the Republican establishment, including allies of Mitt Romney, who are trying to rewrite his record with a barrage of negative attacks.

“Look at Newt Gingrich, what’s going on with him via the establishment’s attacks,” Palin told John Stossel of Fox Business on Thursday.

She added: “They’re trying to crucify this man and rewrite history and rewrite what it is that he has stood for all these years.”

Palin has not endorsed any of the GOP Presidential candidates, but has been enthusiastically supportive of Gingrich.

Last week before the South Carolina GOP primary Palin said she would vote for Newt Gingrich if she was voting in that state’s primary.

Palin’s husband, Todd, has officially endorsed Gingrich for president.

Sarah Palin explained her husband’s endorsement of Gingrich: “I think that endorsement was real reflective of a lot of Americans who understand that somebody with experience in cutting government budgets, cutting taxes, which does more for liberty and an economic turnaround than anything else, someone who has waged war on Hillarycare and government taking over of healthcare, somebody with that experience plus somebody who has struggled personally and overcome struggles and challenges, would be one that was embraced by voters.”

And Sarah Palin’s defense of Gingrich, especially of his conservative, Reaganite record, has gotten significant backing from leading conservatives.

On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh slammed Romney allies for a “coordinated attack” on Gingrich.

Limbaugh described Gingrich as the “premier defender of Ronald Reagan” and said such smear tactics against Gingrich hurt Mitt Romney.

“That kind of stuff is why people hate Romney so much,” Limbaugh said.

Palin also struck out at conservative writers like Washington Post columnist George Will and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, who earlier this month called Gingrich an “angry little attack muffin.”

“That’s that typical hypocrisy stuff in the media, you know, I’ve lived with over a couple of decades in the political arena,” she told Stossel, complaining that Mitt Romney doesn’t get the same treatment.

Last week, in a radio interview with Sean Hannity, Palin blasted ABC News for its interview with Gingrich’s ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich, saying these kinds of media hits “incentivize conservatives and independents” who are tired of “the politics of personal destruction.”

“We know the game now, and we just won’t put up with it. Good call, media.”

Romney is suffering a major backlash from conservatives outraged by his tactics.

Michael Reagan, the conservative commentator and son of President Reagan, slammed Romney for his recent assault on Gingrich.

“As governor of Massachusetts, Romney’s achievement was the most socialistic healthcare plan in the nation up until that time,” Reagan said.
“Say what you want about Newt Gingrich but when he was speaker of the House he surrounded himself with Reagan conservatives and implemented a Ronald Reagan program of low taxes and restrained federal spending.

“Newt’s conservative program created a huge economic boom and balanced the budget for the first time in more than a generation.”
Mike Reagan concluded: “I would take Newt Gingrich’s record any day over Mitt Romney’s.” (Source, newsmax.com)

Editorial: Accordingly, “at least in my opinion,” folks like Ann Coulter, George Will and Peggy Noonan, purported conservatives should be totally ashamed of themselves.

Ann Hart Coulter, is an American lawyer, conservative social and political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist. She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public events and private events. Well-known for her conservative political opinions and the controversial ways in which she presents and defends them, Coulter has described herself as a polemicist who likes to “stir up the pot” and does not “pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do.” ( Source Wikipedia )

George Frederick Will, is an American newspaper columnist, journalist, and author. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winner best known for his conservative commentary on politics. By the mid 1980s the Wall Street Journal reported he was “perhaps the most powerful journalist in America,” in a league with Walter Lippmann. (Source Wikipedia)

Peggy Noonan, is an American author of seven books on politics, religion, and culture and a weekly columnist for The Wall Street Journal. She was a primary speech writer and Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and in her political writings is considered a Republican. In her political writings, Noonan frequently cites the political figures she admires, including Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and Edmund Burke. (Source Wikipedia)

As for Newt Gingrich’s detractor Tom Delay…

Thomas Dale “Tom” DeLay, is a former member of the United States House of Representatives and “ convicted felon.” … (Source Wikipedia)

Need I say more? Other than, “at least in my opinion,” considering their present tact, ..Ann, ..George, ..Peggy and ..Tom might want to consider applying for employment with MSNBC or NPR.

Don’t be stupid, Mitt Romney is a documented socialist when it comes to healthcare, and he wants to run your life every bit as much as Barack Obama.

If my choice is between a documented liar and a man accused of bad judgment and impropriety, I’m going with the guy accused of impropriety.

According to Webster: im·pro·pri·e·ty, The quality or condition of being improper.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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