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Gallup Tracking: Gingrich Still Leads

Tuesday, 27 December, 2011

Newt Gingrich is still leading Mitt Romney in the GOP contest for the White House, a new Gallup Poll has found.

Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, Gingrich is 3 percentage points over Romney at 26 percent, compared with 23 percent for Romney.

That lead has narrowed sharply from the 15-point lead the former speaker had in early December.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul trails the two with 12 percent of the vote. Texas Gov. Rick Perry had 8 percent and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman polled last with 1 percent.

Gingrich had topped Romney in November and managed to maintain his lead, unlike several other candidates, including Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain who rose and fell within weeks.

Paul has gained traction over the past few weeks with some of his policies favored by pockets of conservatives in Iowa, the Gallup survey found.

Gingrich remains the favorite to take the Iowa caucuses Jan. 3, although Romney appears to eclipse him in New Hampshire, a new poll by the Boston Globe shows.

Romney has the support of 39 percent of New Hampshire’s likely Republican voters, 3 percentage points lower than last month. But in the contest for second place, Gingrich and Paul are tied with 17 percent each, ahead of Jon Huntsman, who has the support of 11 percent of likely Republican voters. (Source,

Although the news media is making it abundantly clear that they would like to see Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate running against Barack Obama, being a dedicated common sense conservative, I cannot bring myself to believe that there are a sufficient number of mindless idiots presently residing in America who could believe that replacing Barack Obama with Mitt Romney would change anything in Washington D.C. other than the name on the mailbox at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Mitt Romney claims that he is a consistent conservative?

According to Webster: con·sis·tent, (in a word) Reliable.

(Sidebar,) The other side of the coin…

According to Webster: in·con·sis·tent, Not regular or predictable; erratic.

According to Webster: con·ser·va·tive, Favoring traditional views and values.


Flip Flopper

According to Webster: flip-flop,  (in context) A reversal, as of a stand or position: a policy flip-flop.

First Romney was pro-life, ..then he was pro-choice, ..then when it was expedient, ..he became pro-life again.

Universal healthcare “was good” when he was the governor of Massachusetts, ..but now that it’s expedient, ..universal health care for America “isn’t good.”


According to Webster: stal·wart, Firm and resolute; morally strong.

Since its inception the United States of America has always represented strength, value, and freedom, and then George “Duba” Bush appeared on the political scene.



According to Webster: buf·foon, 1. A clown; 2. A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.

Taking myself back in my memory, “or what’s left of it,” my first and immediate impression of George W. Bush the first time I heard him speak was; “They” have to be kidding! This man is an idiot!” ..and of course my opinion never changed.

I served with the U.S. Army’s first division in Vietnam in 1965 with a lot of good men, many of whom came home in a box under a flag because they understood that it was their duty as an American to serve.

George W. Bush joined the 147th Fighter Interceptor Group of the Texas Air National Guard on May 27, 1968, during the Vietnam War. He committed to serve until May 26, 1974, with two years on active duty while training to fly and four years on part-time duty. In his 1968 Statement of Intent (undated), he wrote, “I have applied for pilot training with the goal of making flying a lifetime pursuit and I believe I can best accomplish this to my own satisfaction by serving as a member of the Air National Guard as long as possible.” In November Bush began flight training at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. In December 1969, he began further training on the F-102 in Houston at the 147th’s Combat Crew Training School, soloing in March 1970 and graduating in June, fulfilling his active-duty commitment. He performed Guard duty as an F-102 pilot through April 1972, logging a total of 336 flight hours and was promoted once during his service, to First Lieutenant.

In November 1970, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, commander of the 111th Fighter Squadron, recommended that Bush be promoted to First Lieutenant, calling him “a dynamic outstanding young officer” who stood out as “a top notch fighter interceptor pilot.” He said that “Lt. Bush’s skills far exceed his contemporaries,” and that “he is a natural leader whom his contemporaries look to for leadership. Lt. Bush is also a good follower with outstanding disciplinary traits and an impeccable military bearing.”

Air National Guard members could volunteer for active duty service with the Air Force in a program called Palace Alert, which deployed F-102 pilots to Europe and Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand. According to three pilots from Bush’s squadron, Bush inquired about this program but was advised by the base commander that he did not have the necessary experience (500 hours) at the time and that the F-102 would soon be retired.

Bush’s four-year part-time obligation to serve required him to maintain his immediate readiness to be recalled to active duty in the event of a national emergency. Bush’s military records indicate that until May 1972 he fulfilled that obligation. After that, Bush may have failed to meet the attendance requirements established for members of the Air National Guard, and the Air Force requirement for an annual physical examination for pilots.

On May 27, 1968, Bush signed a six year obligation to complete “48 scheduled inactive-duty training periods” each fiscal year (typically consisting of four four-hour periods during one weekend each month), plus a minimum of 15 days of Annual Active Duty Training. For Bush, as a pilot, this was typically split into periods of duty of a few days each during the year.

The Boston Globe reports that “Bush fell well short of meeting his military obligation”, citing examples of Bush failing to meet Air National Guard commitments in 1972 and 1973. However, release of military records shows that Bush was credited for attending Air National Guard drills during 1972 and 1973.

On July 30, 1973, his last day of paid service in the Texas National Guard, Bush signed a statement that “I have been counseled this date regarding my plans to leave my present Reserve of [sic] assignment due to moving from this area. I understand that: a. If I disassociate from my current Ready Reserve Assignment, it is my responsibility to locate and be assigned to another Reserve Forces unit or mobilization augmentation position. If I fail to do so, I am subject to involuntary order to active duty for up to 24 months under the provisions of AFM 35-3, chapter 14.”

On September 5, 1973, Bush requested discharge from service, to be effective on October 1. He wrote, “I am moving to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Harvard Business School as a full time student.” Jerry Killian recommended approval of the discharge the following day. Bush had completed five years, four months, and five days toward his six-year service obligation.

On October 1, 1973, Bush was honorably discharged from the Texas Air National Guard and transferred to the inactive reserves in Denver, Colorado. He was discharged from the Air Force Reserve on November 21, 1974 thus completing his service to the guard. (source Wikipedia)

America’s present decline began under George W. Bush, a man that was not capable of fulfilling his (self assigned) obligation to America.

George W. Bush should have never been the President of the United States, “because in my opinion,” a man that does not have the courage to defend his country, should not be granted the honor and privilege of leading his country.

Barack Obama should not be the President of the United States, because “again in my opinion,” a man that does not love America, and fails to consider America’s rank and file taxpaying citizens who pay his salary, should not be setting in the Oval Office.

Barack Obama is a product of the progressive liberal idea that everyone should be treated the same. (Hogwash) if that were indeed true, everyone in America would either be drinking cheap wine and sleeping on a park bench, or living in a rent free taxpayer provided mansion, (The White House)  drawing $400,000 a year plus (elitist) benefits. Or we would all be walking around with holes in our shoes, ..or we would all be riding around in a chauffeur driven limousine, ..and we would all have an executive 747 (Air Force One) at our beckon call.

Liberals, ..or the “idiot” “free lunch bunch” as I prefer to call them, ..need to wake up and join the real world. In the real world, ..a real man, ..or a real woman, gets up in the morning and goes to, ..a real job. A real job, a place of employment where something of value is actually produced. “Political Rhetoric,” ..has no real value, ..if it did? can bet that “they” would sell it at Walmart.

America needs action, ..real action, ..stalwart common sense action, ..America needs Newt Gingrich.


Newt Grigrich

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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