Your money, where your mouth is..

Prior to Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s election as Governor of South Dakota, he, then candidate Dennis Daugaard, held a “Town Hall” meeting to garner support from the community, i.e., City of Sturgis, South Dakota. (world renowned) for its annual “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.” A small, albeit aesthetic..

According to Webster: aes·thet·ic,  Of or concerning the appreciation of beauty or good taste:

..and reverent community where my next to youngest brother, (name withheld for privacy) happily resides. As my next to youngest brother, (name withheld) is a concerned, community minded individual, my next to youngest brother, (name withheld) attended the town hall meeting in Sturgis where, at the time, candidate Dennis Daugaard spoke. After which of course, followed protocol, Daugaard opened the forum to questions from the audience. (Standard fare) ..or at least it was until my next to youngest brother, (name withheld) stood to participate with a question, and, “at least in my opinion,” was a fair question, a question, that again “in my opinion,” should be asked of every man and woman campaigning to derive their livelihood from the American taxpayers.

My brothers question: “To get my vote, would you sign a pledge to resign your office, if you fail to deliver on your campaign promises?

To which Dennis Daugaard unwaveringly replied; “I can’t do that, ..politics is a game of compromise.” There was more to Dennis Daugaard’s response, albeit rhetoric not worth repeating.

According to Webster: game, An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime…

Editorial: Speaking as a semi-intelligent, common sense Homo sapien, I am totally and unambiguously burnt out on men and women, i.e., “politicians” who irreverently reference the power and trust that we, “We the People,” bestow upon them with our votes, as a “game.” I am not a game piece, I am a co-CEO of America. I am an American citizen with a Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote, and to speak my mind, and to keep and bear arms, and to decline answering any question that I deem harmful to my well-being and to be protected against unlawful search and seizure. And I could go on, however, if you’d like to read the entire Constitution, go to Google.

We, “We the People,” do not work for the Government, ..the Government, “at least theoretically,” works for us, and me, “We the People.” Accordingly, as I find myself either two or four years older with every successive election cycle, and wisdom, “at least theoretically,” is derived from age, why are we, “We the People,” that hire, ..i.e., “elect,” ..the individuals that “we” trust with our lives and our tax dollars, doing a less productive job as time goes by?

Question: Are we stupid?

According to Webster: stu·pid, Slow to learn or understand.

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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