Crude, Vulgar and Boorish…

Eddie Crude, ..Andy Vulgar, ..and Benjamin, a.k.a. “Bennie” Boorish, ..Rick Perry’s three best and closest friends in high school before changing his name so he could pursue a career in politics. Rick Perry, ..born “Phil Istine” March 4, 1950, attended Paint Creek High School in Haskell County where he spent the Lion’s share of his days pursuing Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Arian’s daughter “Barb.” Talk about a cute couple, “Barb Arian” and “Phil Istine.” Not only did they work together on the school newspaper, they led the debating team, and excelled in every sport to include giving wedgies every member of the freshman class.

Come on, that’s not true!

Of course it isn’t, ..but what does it matter? ..I was simply trying to follow suit with the mainstream media and with popular website Bloggers.

I received a lot of e-mail, ..accordingly in the mix, ..I receive a lot of  “forwards.” Some amusing, ..and some not so amusing, ..some with merit, ..but very few. Most individuals who expound about whatever they expound about in the privacy and seclusion of their office, home or favorite cyber café, tend to be less than accurate and genuine when casting something that they are passionate about? Some even to the point of extremely bad taste and defamation. So why have I thrown my hat in the ring? ..simple, ..the ring needs a hat that gives a damn.

One recent e-mail, i.e., “forward.” I received from a family member, read like the Exposé of the Century! Accordingly, since I am familiar with the odor of dead fish, I took a “Twix Moment” to confirm or deny the validity of its authenticity. Consequently the following morning when I returned the irresponsible literature back into cyberspace, I returned with the appropriate and necessary corrections, along with the source of my information. Which, “at least in my opinion,” was the least I could do to serve my country.

The where and when that I served in Vietnam was not conducive to taking prisoners, however since I’ve had 46 years to mellow since then, I’ve learned that it’s more productive to negotiate…

According to Webster: ne·go·ti·ate, To confer with another or others in order to come to terms or reach an agreement.

Accordingly, I have come to become extremely fond of negotiation, for Sarah Palin in 2012 and you and I will become extremely good friends.  (A bit of humor)

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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