Revolution v Revelation..

According to Webster: rev·o·lu·tion,  The overthrow of one government and its replacement with another.

According to Webster: rev·e·la·tion,  The act of revealing or disclosing.

It is my “Revelation,” i.e., act of revealing and disclosing that after extensive and diligent research into Barack Obama’s life, ideology and track record, “it is my considered opinion” that America in its 235 years of existence has never been at a lower point in the eyes of the world.

Accordingly, it is my suggestion to the portion of America’s population that still adheres to the principles of good and evil, i.e., “right and wrong,” as opposed to “right and left.”

Our government, the United States government, is corrupt. Which of course, “is not” something that just popped up out from under a rock since yesterday. America’s corruption has been brewing and festering for a hundred years. Of course since I’m not quite 100 years old, I’ll restrict my comments to the last 50 or so? My adult years. I celebrated my 21st birthday in December, 1962. Accordingly, the first Presidential election I voted in was the 1964 election between Lynden B. Johnson and Barry Goldwater. Although Lyndon Johnson was my boss at the time, or more correctly, my commander-in-chief, as I had been drafted into the United States Army in March of 1964, I did not vote for Lyndon Johnson. I didn’t actually care for Barry Goldwater, however due to the fact that I had registered Republican, (believing adamantly in less taxes and smaller government) I voted the party line and went down with the ship.

In 1968, I regrouped with the party and voted for Richard M. Nixon and enjoyed redemption.

Richard Nixon, although at a disadvantage from being demonized byAmerica’s liberal press, accomplished what few American presidents can lay claim to; “Nixon ended a war.” Nixon saved countless American lives.

In ‘72, I stuck with Nixon, which of course didn’t go well as the celebrated thin-skinned revenge driven liberal media ultimately brought him down. Which of course, “at least in my opinion,” would not have occurred had Richard Nixon been a Democrat. Not because the idealistic liberal media does not negatively pursue Democrats, but rather because Democrats in general are not ethical or honorable enough to resign their positions for the good of the country. Democrats, “once again in my opinion,” are individuals without honor or ethics.

At which point I take license, and a moment, to remind those of you who still have a grasp of common sense and sanity, that the democratic ilk, i.e., Congress persons and Senators that we presently employ in Washington D.C., specifically, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi under the auspices of Barack Obama unceremoniously rammed an inexplicable health-care bill down America’s throat with impunity.

In ’76, the downtrodden and self acclaimed disenfranchised, “the free lunch bunch,” grouped up and passed the ball back to the Democrats and we, “We the People,” the rank-and-file, working class breadwinners, i.e., taxpayers, found ourselves represented by a Georgia peanut farmer who readily decided that I and thousands of my North American Rockwell, (B-1 Bomber) coworkers got to participate in the unemployment lines just before Christmas.

Jimmy Carter, although interesting and productive for cartoonist and comedians, didn’t really provide a whole lot for the people who paid his rent and provided him with the


big blue-and-white airplane.


Which of course is now at the beckon call of another Democrat, who has beckoned it more than any three previous presidents on record. It would seem that B.H.O. really enjoys flying.

Which of course isn’t a bad thing, except for the fact that the American taxpayers are paying for his fuel to fly anywhere and everywhare, when for the most part, few of us can afford fuel for our automobiles to get to the grocery store.

So what I’m thinking that America needs in the White House, is an individual, although it is my understanding that “she” also enjoys flying, when she was Governor of Alaska, she was principled and pragmatic enough not to burden her constituents with such an aggrandizement.

 According to Webster: prin·ci·pled, Based on, marked by, or manifesting principle:

According to Webster: prag·mat·ic, 1. Dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; practical.

According to Webster: prac·ti·cal, 1. Of, relating to, governed by, or acquired through practice or action, rather than theory, speculation, or ideals:

Think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit…

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