Extra, ..Media Tripe.

 Extra, ..Media Tripe. After spending less than a half an hour in front of my television set this morning, I had to get up and walk away, or increase my blood pressure medication.

 (W.A.M.) Tripe. 1. The light-colored, rubbery lining of the stomach of cattle or other ruminants, used as food. 2. Informal. Something of no value; rubbish.

 The first story presented to me was about the orca at Sea world who unfortunately, and to my mind, unintentionally killed one of it’s trainers last year. The commentator of course had no personal opinion, however being a commentator he was, or at least he felt it was his duty to relate that the authorities that be? Were going to launch an investigation into whether or not returning this orca, i.e. killer whale, back into a pool in front of spectators would be safe? Referring to my blog that I posted earlier this morning, entitled the “Gump syndrome,” a blog that I wrote with the intention of drawing attention to just how absolutely stupid our media and our powers that be, ..can be? ..and orca, i.e. killer whale, is an animal meant to live in the ocean, free to swim, feed, and continue its specie without interruption from man. However, man and his infinite wisdom and his insatiable desire for entertainment has captured and confined free creatures of pretty much every variety throughout history for his amusement, and let’s not forget profit. However on occasion when one of man’s acquisitions doesn’t follow the script and a tragedy ensues, man has a problem understanding that whatever or whenever tragedy occurs? it’s not the creatures fault, ..it’s man’s. Of course since man, especially in this day and age, has a real problem accepting responsibility for what he does, ..or doesn’t do? Man invariably looks to place the blame somewhere else? Accordingly, will Sea World’s orca, i.e. killer whale, be further ostracized for being and orca, i.e. killer whale, or will man finally get it? My opinion? Not likely, “we,” i.e. man, ..doesn’t get it, ..however, ..”we,” ..man have come to terms with releasing men and women from State and Federal Institutions, i.e., Penitentiaries after serving their time for both “homicide” and “manslaughter,” ..and allow “debt paid” citizens to walk free among us again. So what’s the big deal about a fish being moved from one fish tank to another? Newsworthy? In my opinion, ..not so much. Not when “we,” ..”we the people,” ..are being subjected to both paying higher prices for every commodity we use, ..and subjected to being obligated to a higher national debt, ..not by the week, ..the day, ..or even the hour, ..but rather by the second. Our employees in Washington DC, are spending our tax dollars at an incalculable rate. We, “we the people,” are funding a war in Iraq, ..and Afghanistan, ..and presently, ..if the News Media and the “talking heads” that present their blather on a daily schedule are anywhere near correct? We, “we the people,” have to date, ..funded more than $1 billion to the “events” (not war) taking place presently in Libya as well, “according to the rhetoric,” ..to free the oppressed people of that country from a tyrant that we have only been aware of, ..for a mere 42 years. What’s the hurry? ..does America have no better use for $1 billion? ..come on people, ..let’s get behind, ..the “we,” ..in,  ..“we the people,” ..before there’s nothing left, for “we the people.” to get behind. The good folks in Libya may have no other choice than to pick up arms and fight for their freedom, ..however since the good folks in America did that 236 years ago, “we the people,” in America no longer have to resort to such methods. We have a Constitution that guarantees and provides every American citizen the right to vote. So, ..at least in my opinion, ..if,  ..“we,” ..of  ..“we the people,” don’t start using our right to vote to free ourselves from tyranny and oppression,  ..”we” ..could very well find ourselves at some date in our future, ..again needing to take up arms to once again free ourselves? Food for thought…

 Crusader Rabbit…

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